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August 2005


Ka-Wood Gear & Machine Co.

From tractors to airplanes, Ka-Wood has the flexibility–and the capabilities–to get the job done.

When Joseph Kloka agreed to mind the family business while his parents took a much-needed vacation in 1971, he thought it would only be for a month. “I’d just gotten out of the military, and I’d worked part-time on the shop floor during high school and while I was in college at the University of […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Making a Case for PVD Recoating Systems

The following is a case study conducted and prepared by Muncie Power Products, Inc., and Ionbond LLC explaining how recoating can benefit your production process.

Muncie Power Products, Inc., of Tulsa, Oklahoma, has been in the auxiliary power business since 1935 and started manufacturing Power Take Off (PTO) units in 1986. In addition to PTOs, Muncie also provides wet line systems, dump pumps, gear pumps, snow and ice control systems, and hydraulic control valves. William D. Whiteis, tooling services supervisor, […]
Bob Carrignan, William D. Whiteis, Melissa Kilpatrick

Forging Ahead for Gear Applications

With the quality and cost savings provided by forged gears, designers should consider the process, no matter the volume or application of the part being produced.

The challenges facing today’s designers grow with each passing year. The global market provides for a more competitive stage, creating more pressure to develop increasingly superior products. Energy issues, as well as government regulations due to environmental concerns, mandate that the designer develop products that are both energy efficient and environmentally responsible. In many cases […]
Ken Mathas


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

Warm weather gives rise to a host of safety concerns that aren’t an issue during fall and winter, such as loose clothing that can be caught in machinery and lightweight shoes that weren’t designed for the shop floor.

I hope everyone enjoyed his or her Fourth of July holiday. I did my best to not worry about the grandkids and the fireworks, but I wasn’t terribly successful. I sincerely hope that none of you or yours suffered any accidents due to fireworks. In this month’s column I’d like to discuss a safety issue […]
Terry McDonald

Tooth Tips: Nick Sudzum

This month’s column is the first installment of six on bevel gearing, beginning with the possible failures determined through vibration and ending with new finished products.

Vibration can be defined as the repetitive periodic motion of a machine and/or its components such as gear trains, gear drives, gear boxes, drive shafts, and couplings, just to name a few. A simple example is a weight suspended from a spring: Figure 1 Some causes of vibration are gear tooth problems, bent shafts, imbalance […]
Nick Sudzum

Bill Lawson, P.E.: Laser’s Edge

While lasers aren’t new to the gear-manufacturing industry, many aren’t aware of the benefits they can provide. This new column–written by laser experts–will make the case clear.

Lasers have been used as a manufacturing technology for the production of gears and related power train components since the seventies. However, it is just in the past few years that manufacturers have started to apply them in other than high-volume automotive applications. There are many applications in small to medium lot production of high-accuracy […]
Bill Lawson,P.E.

Q&A with Jim Pospisil

General Manager, ITW Heartland

ITW Heartland division was founded in 1976–what’s the story? ITW Heartland is a division of Illinois Tool Works, Inc. (ITW), of Glenview, Illinois. ITW was founded in Chicago in 1912 and eventually became involved with manufacturing cutting tools for machining gears. In 1936 ITW saw the need for accurate, reliable equipment for the measurement of […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Gleason Acquires M&M Precision Systems

Gleason Corporation has acquired M&M Precision Systems Corporation of West Carrolton, Ohio, a global leader in gear inspection and manufacturing process control systems for gears of all types. M&M’s products and services are sold worldwide and include CNC gear inspection systems, most notably its Sigma and Micro-Top systems, that have gained wide acceptance in the […]
August 1, 2005

LMT-Fette Introduces Inch Versions of HSC Feed End Mill

Now available in inch as well as metric sizes, LMT-Fette’s HSC FeedÅ continues to offer true high feed capability in a solid carbide end mill. It is designed for roughing and semi-finishing of hardened die & mold steels. With chip loads up to .031" per tooth and cutting speeds in excess of 650 sfm, it […]
August 1, 2005

New Standard Option Panels from Danfoss

Danfoss North America Motion Controls introduces a new compact standard enclosure for 125HP through 350HP VLT Series drives. These compact enclosures provide a complete control solution in nearly any industrial, HVAC, or water and wastewater application that utilizes variable frequency drives for machine and process control. Standard panels are now available for drives in the […]
August 1, 2005

Dow Announces New Sales Manager, Streamlined Distribution Network

Mike Lewis has been named North American sales manager for ANGUS Chemical Company–a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dow Chemical Company–and Dow Biocides, succeeding Greg Jorjorian, who retired in May. Lewis assumes the sales manager responsibilities in addition to his current role as North American distribution manager. Lewis joined Dow in January 1990 in the commercial […]
August 1, 2005

Sunite(r) Alcrona from Samputensili for Tool Harness and Performance

Aluminum chromium nitride (AlCrN) is one of the best tool coating solutions on the market today. Including chromium in coating compounds allows much higher performance to be achieved under certain conditions than when titanium-based coatings are used. Samputensili–the Bologna company which supplies innovative machines, tools, services, and integrated systems for the gear-cutting industry all over […]
August 1, 2005

OSU GearLab Presents Basic Gear Noise Short Course

The Basic Gear Noise Short Course has been offered for over 26 years and is considered extremely valuable for gear designers and noise specialists alike who encounter gear noise and transmission design problems. Attendees will learn how to design gears to minimize the major excitations of gear noise: transmission error, dynamic friction forces, and shuttling […]
August 1, 2005