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A musician by training, and at heart, the president of this company is equally drawn to the beauty and precision of a well-made plastic part.

When Jim Holland approached his father — Jim “Moose” Holland — about joining the company in the mid-1970s, his response was fairly straightforward. “He said no,” Holland recalls. “He just didn’t want one of his sons working there.” Holland kept trying, however, and eventually made a phone call to his father’s partner, Clarence Moore, who […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Successful Plastic Gear Conversions

Are you thinking of converting, but still sitting on the fence between metal and plastic gearing? The following article may prove to be the tipping point toward plastics.

The conversion of a steel gear set to plastic is not a slam-dunk operation. A gear designer who is proficient in designing steel gears may be reluctant to dive into the design of plastic gears. The properties of plastic make it quite interesting. Nothing stays the same. Time, temperature, and humidity can change the properties […]
Richard R. Kuhr

Rapid Stress Relief and Tempering

New equipment designs for stress relief and tempering processes can help you lower costs and achieve greater productivity.

Stress relief and tempering are important processes, but they are still conducted much as they have been for the past 50 years. However, advanced equipment designs are available from Pyromaitre that permit these processes to be conducted in a fraction of the time than was formerly required, producing substantial improvements in productivity, cost, and energy […]
Roger Gingras, G.E. Totten, Mario Grenier

The Attributes of Loaded Gear Tooth Modeling: Part One

An in-depth understanding of bevel and hypoid gear tooth load sharing, load carrying, and motion transmission will lead to better gear design.

Figures 1-14 courtesy of The Gleason Works On numerous occasions during a career with gears, I’ve had the opportunity to use the Gleason Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis program. One of the program’s great attributes is the insight it gives into the inner workings of bevel and hypoid gear tooth load sharing, load carrying, and motion […]
Russell Beach


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

While many may equate safety measures with saving money due to accident-related medical expenditures, did you know that having a good plan in place can also lower a variety of insurance premiums?

Safety as a profit center? Is it true that a company that practices good safety procedures can actually have a higher profit margin than one that only gives short shrift to safety procedures and practices? I am happy to report that the answer is a resounding yes! How can this be? Well, a company with […]
Terry McDonald

Tooth Tips: Andy Milburn, P.E.

This months’ column is the first of three on gear lubrication. In this installment we’ll cover lubrication basics, and the next two will discuss selecting and monitoring gear oils.

Proper lubrication of gears and bearings is essential to their operation and to achieving long life. It is a very complicated subject, and an entire book could be devoted to it. Since space is limited, we will hit the high points and discuss lubrication of spur, helical, and bevel gears. The three main reasons for […]
Andy Milburn P.E.

Q&A with Darren Martens

President, Tech Induction, Inc.

I understand that the company was founded in 1986. What’s the story? I have two friends who were working in the induction heat treating industry, and the three of us were talking about starting a business together. They said that they always seemed to be fixing the same problems where they were working at the […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Memoriam: Bennie L. Boxx

We would like to extend our sympathy and best wishes to the family and friends of Bennie Boxx, founder of B&R Machine and Gear Corporation, who passed away on January 2, 2005. The following is a tribute written by the Boxx family. Bennie L. Boxx, founder of B&R Machine and Gear Corporation, was born March […]
May 1, 2005

LMT-Fette Introduces New Tangential Thread Rolling Heads

LMT-Fette Tangential Thread Rolling Heads come pre-synchronized for efficient setup with no roll timing. Because symmetrical roller repositioning is performed with a central setting screw, and away from the rolling system, operators can expect a staggering 75 percent reduction in setup time. The short 10 minute setup time applies to the initial setup and any […]
May 1, 2005

New Gleason PHOENIX® II 600HC Bevel Gear Cutting Machine

Gleason’s new PHOENIX® II 600HC CNC Bevel Gear Cutting Machine features a breakthrough monolithic column design that optimizes dry machining, significantly reduces floor space requirements, and greatly improves cycle times. Based on the highly successful Gleason PHOENIX® II 275HC, but designed for workpiece diameters as large as 600 mm, the new 600HC occupies 35 percent […]
May 1, 2005

CHIRON Series 12K VMCs Offer Fast, Accurate Precision Machining

The Series 12K vertical machining centers from CHIRON America, Inc., are designed for high performance, high productivity precision machining operations. The modular system design of the Series 12K allows it to be configured as a single spindle (FZ 12K) or dual spindle (DZ 12K) machining center. The Series 12K machines offer a chip-to-chip time of […]
May 1, 2005

New BobCAD-CAM V20

The new BobCAD-CAM V20 CAD-CAM system provides manufacturers with the right approach to shop floor CNC programming the easy and affordable way. Version 20 has an easy to use and understand interface, provides powerful CAD design capabilities that wouldn’t be found in any other system priced in the same range, and follows up with standard […]
May 1, 2005

Brown & Sharpe Introduces “Fastest in Class” Micro-Hite CMMs

Brown & Sharpe Inc., a Hexagon Metrology Company, has introduced a new line of its Micro-Hite 3D series (small air bearing coordinate measurement machines) equipped with TESASTAR probes and PC-DMIS software. The Micro-Hite range is a complete system solution from Hexagon Metrology, designed for the entry level price points of under $25,000 for a manually […]
May 1, 2005

FriCSo Announces Revolutionary Friction and Wear Reduction Technology

FriCSo, Ltd., has announced a new and revolutionary technology that enables near-frictionless motion of machines, engines, transmission systems, turbines, pumps, bearings, dies, molds, and other systems. The new technology addresses extreme tribological conditions such as poor lubrication, high pressure, low-to-zero velocity, and rapid directional changes. FriCSo’s unique patent-pending Combined Micro-Relief (CMR) technology forms a highly […]
May 1, 2005

New In-Process Functional Gear Inspection Systems from M&M Precision

M&M Precision has introduced a new line of in-process inspection equipment for functional gear inspection. The systems are designed around a completely modular design concept, which allows for ease of integration to customer-specific applications. The new product family is available in three distinct variants. The IPG-150AT offers a complete, 100-percent turnkey inspection solution, which incorporates […]
May 1, 2005