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February 2005


Canada Broach

Celebrating its 10th year, Canada Broach has grown from a one-man operation with a single grinder to one with 45 machines and 9,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

After Nino D’Andrea had earned his degree in mechanical engineering, he was recruited to join a cutting tool company straight out of college. He worked hard, seeing the company’s sales double, and rose to the position of plant manager. But after four years he found himself with just two things: a great deal of resentment, […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

The Spin on Precision Spindle Technologies

Greater demands have spurred research and development activities in the area of spindle technology, providing gear manufacturers with new choices.

The spindle is the heart of the machine tool, and the most significant component when it comes to making parts. The major theme in manufacturing these days is higher productivity. For the spindle component, this equates to higher speed requirements, increased metal removal rates, longer design life, and improved reliability. Today, machine tools are required […]
Bob Hodge

Getting a Grip on Diaphragm Chucks

Consistency, efficiency, accuracy: all words that apply to the diaphragm chuck, as well as the benefits you will realize should you introduce them into your manufacturing process.

Sometimes the best way to get an answer is to simply ask a question, such as “what will using a diaphragm chuck add to my operation?” In the following article I’ve done my best to ask all of the questions that might occur to a manufacturer looking for workholding solutions, and to then answer them […]
Sidney Roth

TWIN Blade – A Cut Above the Rest

In the search for optimizing cutting performance, not only do improvements in the surface coating have to be considered, but also the use of the existing cutting edges.

All classic stick-blade cutting processes require a blade geometry that subordinates itself to the requirements of a positive rake angle — approximately eight to15 degrees — and a sensible relief angle. This means, as a consequence, that on each blade either a cutting edge for the outer side or a cutting edge for the inner […]
Karl-Martin Ribbeck Dipl.-Ing.


AGMA Tech: Bill Bradley

Aimed at providing information on international standards projects that could make 2005 a pivotal year for gear design.

This year can be a turning point for the internationally accepted spur and helical gear capacity calculation methods. Many standards projects are being actively reviewed and balloted. Individually, each project may only be noticed by the personnel directly involved, with only a few people being aware of the numerous projects or their potential global impact […]
Bill Bradley

Q&A with Robert Laube

Manufacturing Manager, Hydra-Lock Corporation

I understand that your company originated hydraulic workholding. How did that come about? Around 1947 a gentleman by the name of George Atherholt, who was the chief engineer for AC Spark Plug, had designed a hydraulic lift table, and he noticed that when the hydraulic pressure was applied internally to a piece of steel tubing, […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Terry McDonald: Site Safety

As the new year begins to unfold, it's time to review operating procedures to make sure that necessary production and maintenance activities are being conducted in a way that is safe for everyone involved.

Well, here we are already into the second month of 2005. How is our safety record so far? So often we all concentrate on production requirements for the new year–new budgets, equipment requirements, personnel changes–and we tend to forget that accidents and hazards never take a holiday. It is that time of year; time to […]
Terry McDonald

Tooth Tips: Gear Accuracy Charts Pt. 3

Understanding gear accuracy charts can be difficult, so here is the third in a three-part series—this one focusing on pitch measurements—that will help clarify the process.

Pitch measurements determine the accuracy of the tooth locations around the gear. These measurements are typically made with either a single or double probe machine. Figure 1 is a copy of Figure 3 from AGMA 915-1-A02 showing a single probe device. The measuring probe is positioned against any tooth flank, usually about mid face at […]
Andy Milburn P.E.


Bodine Motor Contest Marks Company’s 100th Year

In celebration of Bodine Electric Company’s 100th anniversary, the company has announced a contest designed to find the oldest Bodine motor or gearmotor. There are three ways to win: 1) $1,000 for the oldest Bodine product still doing its job; 2) $1,000 for the oldest Bodine product period–running or not, or; 3) $1,000 for the […]
February 1, 2005

AGMA Announces First 2005 Gear School

The American Gear Manufacturers Association has announced its first regional gear school for 2005. The School for Gear Manufacturing Technology will be presented by Gear Consulting Group March 14-16 in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Star SU will host the course at its headquarters. The three-day course concentrates on a logical approach to troubleshooting the gear manufacturing […]
February 1, 2005

SME Enhances Rapid Prototyping Resources

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) announces the creation of a 3D Data Capture/Reverse Engineering technical groupãone of seven in its Rapid Technologies and Additive Manufacturing Technical Community. Todd Grimm, president of T.A. Grimm & Associates, Inc., has been named chairman of the eight-person technical committee. The Data Capture/Reverse Engineering technical group is chartered to […]
February 1, 2005

New Actuator from Danaher Motion for Sweeper Brush and Squeegee Applications

Danaher Motion introduces Thomson Sweeper Head Lift Actuators. Available with optional IP56 protection, these actuators offer two-, four-, or six-inch stroke lengths with short retracted lengths and provide 250 lbs/force at 1 in/sec or 500 lbs/force at 0.5 in/sec. This makes them an ideal solution for sweeper brush and squeegee applications. Sweeper Head Lift Actuators […]
February 1, 2005

New Canadian Sales Rep at Philadelphia Gear

Philadelphia Gear Corporation, a full-service provider of gearing and power transmission solutions, announces the appointment of GaÈtan Perron to the position of sales representative, servicing existing Philadelphia Gear customers in Canada and expanding PGC’s customer base in Eastern Ontario, QuÈbec, and the Maritimes. Perron will operate mainly in the energy market, servicing coal-fired, gas-fired, and […]
February 1, 2005

Danfoss Bauer’s BK Series Geared Motors Offer Maximum Versatility

Three-phase BK Series helical geared motors from Danfoss Bauer are available with power from 0.075 to 50HP, with output speeds of 0.3 to 230 rpm and torque range of 650 lbf-in to 163,700 lbf-in. The BK Series offers a variety of possible installation methods–foot or flange with single or double output shaft, shaft mounting with […]
February 1, 2005

Curtiss-Wright Wins U.S. Army, Lockheed Contracts

Curtiss-Wright Corporation has received firm-fixed-price contracts with a value of approximately $9 million from the United States Army Tank, Automotive, and Armaments Command (TACOM) in Rock Island, Illinois. The contract awards are for the procurement of a variety of electrical components, including various quantities of circuit card assemblies and subsystems for several models of the […]
February 1, 2005

New Coolant Recycling System from Universal Separators

The new standard for economical on-site recycling of used coolants and washwaters has been introduced by Universal Separators, Inc., and the SmartSkim® family of products. The CoolantLoopTM is a proven fluid management process for plants with individual coolant sumps. Incorporating the award-winning, multi-patented SmartSkim technology, the SmartSkim CrossFlow Separator removes oil and solids by gravity […]
February 1, 2005