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December 2004


Gerhardt Gear Co.

With customers ranging from NASA–for which it built parts for the Mars rovers–to off-road vehicle enthusiasts, Gerhardt Gear truly is a different kind of gear company.

Picture California and you probably think of beaches, sunny skies, and a generally laid-back attitude. But thoughts also lead to industries such as aerospace, filmmaking, and even gear manufacturing. Gerhardt Gear, which is located in Burbank, is the perfect synthesis of all these images. “Many of our employees are young guys, and we’re into surfing, […]
Russ Willcutt

Are Energy Answers Blowing in the Wind?

Wind farming–already a viable energy source in Europe and some U.S. states—may present a promising new market for gear manufacturers. Here’s a progress report straight from the field.

Renewable Wind Energy Production (RWEP) in Wyoming has been related to three locations in the state: Cheyenne, Arlington, and Evanston. The listing is in accordance with facility age and size in terms of total capacity in megawatts. Wyoming is in an enviable position regarding its assets, with huge public-land reserves for oil, natural gas, coal, […]
Sandor J. Baranyi

Designing Gears Through the Years

A glance back to the early days of gear design will give you a newfound appreciation for the equipment and technology that speeds your progress through an average workday.

In the past 50 years, we’ve certainly come a long way in terms of our gear design and problem-solving capabilities. But even though the analog world was considerably different from the digital world we find ourselves in today, many of the problems were not so different. So how were problems related to gears solved back […]
Joseph R. Mihelick, P.E.,

A Crowning Achievement for Automotive Applications

The following article explores the feasibility of center-less finishing of the pinion with a modified tooth surface in the mass productions of gears in the automotive industry.

This paper is dedicated to engineers who work in the field of machining precise gears for the needs of the automotive industry. Crowning of the pinion provides a localized bearing contact and a favorable type of transmission error for misaligned gears in car transmissions. A new method for gear crowning — i.e. a method for […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Tooth Tips: Andy Milburn, P.E.: Gear Accuracy Charts Pt. 1

Understanding gear accuracy charts can be difficult, so here is the first in a three-part series–this one focusing on profile measurements–that will help clarify the process.

Gear Accuracy Charts — Part 1 Gear accuracy charts can be confusing the first time you see one, so this is the first of three articles providing answers to some of the common questions I hear. Gear accuracy is a complicated subject, and the AGMA classification system has been revised recently, so the reader is […]
Andy Milburn P.E.

AGMA Tech: Bill Bradley

The idea that inspection is non-value added is correct. However, to conclude that all measurements should be eliminated is drastically wrong. Read on to learn more.

The age-old question when trying to improve corporate profits: "is a function or process value added?" Quality managers have always been told by business-school corporate management that inspection of the product is a non-value added function, a waste of money. So it could be asked: • Is there economic or technical importance to knowing your […]
Bill Bradley

Q&A with Doug Beerck

General Manager, M&M Precision Systems Corp.

I understand that you had a booth at IMTS. What was it like this year? A lot better than 2002. There was more optimism, with people saying they’re busy and getting busier, so that’s always a good thing to hear. I think everybody has a much more positive attitude about the economy and the way […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Terry McDonald: Site Safety

Equipment manufacturers and their representatives could do more to promote the safety features incorporated into their design, and potential buyers should make a point of asking about these features.

What did we see at IMTS that should interest us in the safety field? The thing that I noticed the most is that machine tool vendors still don’t promote safety related features. They seem to leave it up to us, as consumers or users of their equipment, to ferret out the available safety features they […]
Terry McDonald


Boeing Confirms Primaris Airlines’ Selection of the 7E7 Dreamliner

The Boeing Company has confirmed that Primaris Airlines, Inc., has chosen the Boeing 7E7-8 Dreamliner and the 737-800 for the airlines’ future fleet development. The airline announced plans to purchase 20 737-800s and 20 7E7-8s, with options for an additional 25 737-800s and 15 7E7-8s. The firm purchases would be worth approximately $3.8 billion at […]
December 1, 2004

New FARO Laser Tracker ‘X’ Targets 3D Measurement Extremes

FARO Technologies, Inc., the only company with a complete line of portable 3D coordinate measurement systems for the Computer-Aided Measuring (CAM2) market, has announced the release of its new FARO Laser Tracker X, featuring the company’s latest technological advancement: XtremeADM (patent pending). "Thousands of trackers are in use and have been the standard for the […]
December 1, 2004

New Guide to SECO DC Drives from Danaher Motion

Danaher Motion has introduced the Guide to Seco DC Drives. This free 40-page resource guide includes complete product features, options, benefits and specifications, as well as application examples selection charts for their entire family of Seco-branded DC drive technologies. Featured products include their popular Bronco II and Washdown series drives, as well SE2000 Series non-regenerative […]
December 1, 2004

Comau Pico Dedicates New Southeastern Regional Training Center

Comau Pico–a leading automation systems integrator and supplier that is based in Southfield, Michigan–has announced the Education and Training Partnership for Workforce Development between with the Central Alabama Community College (CACC) in Alexander City, Alabama. The grand opening celebration of the new Betty Carol Graham Technology Center, which houses the robotic automation cell from Comau […]
December 1, 2004

Curtiss-Wright Renews Long-Term Contract with Nord Micro

Curtiss-Wright Corporation has renewed its long-term contract with Nord Micro, a division of Hamilton Sundstrand in Frankfurt, Germany. The contract represents a potential value of more than $10 million through 2011. As part of the contract, Curtiss-Wright Controls–the Motion Control segment of Curtiss-Wright–will provide high-end motor assemblies from its facility in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. These […]
December 1, 2004

Robust, Durable Geared Motors from Danfoss Bauer

Danfoss Bauer’s three-phase BG Series helical geared motors are engineered to drive machines and equipment of all types. These motors are available with power from 0.075 to 50HP, with output speeds of 0.3 to 540 rpm and torque range of 177 lbf-in to 163,700 lbf-in. The BG Series comes as a standard two-stage design and […]
December 1, 2004

Bodine Electric Company Celebrates 100 Years

Bodine Electric Company will celebrate its 100th anniversary of producing fractional horsepower electric motors in 2005. The company has been designing and building electric motors almost as long as there have been electric motors. Brothers Carl and Paul Bodine founded Bodine Electric in Chicago in 1905. As a pioneer developer and manufacturer of small electric […]
December 1, 2004