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November 2004


Company Profile: Kreiter Geartech

Just a few years away from celebrating its 100th anniversary, Kreiter Geartech continues to prosper as a world-class manufacturer of high-speed custom gearing.

Based in Houston–and founded in 1910–Kreiter Geartech has been closely associated with oil-field operations for nearly a century. And while that industry is still an important part of its business, the company made a conscious decision in the mid eighties to diversify its activities, specifically by focusing on high-speed gearing for compressors and gas and […]
Russ Willcutt

Company Profile: B&R Machine and Gear Corp.

A family run operation in the truest sense, B&R Machine and Gear bases its success on the simplest of themes: honesty, delivery, customer service, and quality.

Although he was raised in Chicago–where he also made his start in the gear manufacturing industry in 1952–Bennie Boxx, Sr., was born in Sidonia, Tennessee. While on vacation there in 1978, he spotted a building in the nearby town of Sharon that he thought would be perfect for the company he’d started four years earlier […]
Russ Willcutt


Q&A with Jeffrey L. Lay

A conversation with Nye Lubricants’ gear industry director.

When I visited your website, I was surprised to learn that Nye Lubricants is 160 years old. That’s right. The company was founded by William Foster Nye in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and it operated under his name–the William F. Nye Company–until the early nineties, when it was changed to Nye Lubricants. New Bedford is an […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Rolling Machines from Leistritz

Leistritz Produktionstechnik GmbH of Nuernberg, Germany has recently acquired the rolling machine division of Revue Thommen AG of Tenniken, Switzerland. The newly formed organization will be known as Leistritz Thommen GmbH. Thommen has produced high precision rolling machines and tooling since 1946. Leistritz is best known as the leading producer of thread whirling machines. Combined, […]
November 1, 2004

Expanded Standard Cabinet for SHN Mist Collectors from UAS

United Air Specialists, Inc., offers a new, standard, expanded cabinet design for SHN mist collectors that use an impingement plenum. The new design enables users to add a two-inch Mist Stop (Coalescing) or Oil Impingement filter in front of the standard one-inch aluminum mesh filter without having to purchase a separate inlet plenum. The recently […]
November 1, 2004

High Performance Live Center from Riten

The "Blue Typhoon" is a technologically advanced live center, designed to add speed and efficiency to workholding operations. Its exclusive quad seals are designed to prevent coolant and other foreign materials from contacting the bearings, eliminating the contamination problems experienced with ordinary centers. The Blue Typhoon’s 12,000 RPM rating is unmatched in the industry, making […]
November 1, 2004

Paulo’s Kansas City Facility Now NADCAP Approved

In a recent press release Paulo Products Company announced that its Kansas City, Missouri, facility has been awarded accreditation to the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program. NADCAP was developed in cooperation with the DOD, SAE, and ASTM to certify and accredit suppliers via a third-party audit program administered by the Performance Review Institute. […]
November 1, 2004

Dispense Works Offers an Affordable Dispensing Robot

A new and better way to automatically dispense fluids, pastes, sealants, inks, and adhesives, etc., with less setup time and material waste is now available. The Dispense Works robot allows users to easily convert a messy and tedious manual dispensing operation to a fully automatic and consistent process. Machine tool construction and powerful software make […]
November 1, 2004

Lapmaster Introduces Melchiorre Fine Grinding Systems

In a recent press release Lapmaster International described the new Melchiorre Fine Grinding Systems, which incorporate the latest developments for flat finishing. Tolerance control to +/- 1 micron is achieved for part to part size, load to load size, and parallelism with flatness capabilities to 1 light band. Material removal rates are up to 10 […]
November 1, 2004

Rixan/Mitsubishi Robotics Announces New Two-Year Warranty

The exclusive North American distributor for Mitsubishi Electric Automation Robots, Rixan Associates, has announced that all Mitsubishi Electric Automation robots now come with a two-year warranty. "As part of our ‘Superior Customer Experience’ philosophy of going that extra mile for our customers, we are delighted to announce a new two-year warranty on all Mitsubishi Electric […]
November 1, 2004

New CNC Grinder for Carbide and High Speed Gear Cutter Blades from ANCA

Designed to the standards of the gear industry, a new cutter grinder from ANCA promises to reduce the cost of carbide and high-speed spiral gear cutter–or "stick"–blades and improve cutter quality while reducing grinding cycle times. Parts are consistently ground to +/- 5 microns (+/-.002"), eliminating the need to sort by accuracy classes. The consistency […]
November 1, 2004