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St. Louis Gear Co., Inc.

With its roots in the country’s efforts during WWII, St. Louis Gear has since established a reputation for excellent service and precision gears.

The world was at war, and as men swelled the ranks of the U.S. military fighting overseas, many women stepped in to fill the positions they had vacated. “Rosie the Riveter” became a familiar face on posters during WWII as women donned coveralls, rolled up their sleeves, and kept the country’s manufacturing facilities humming in […]
Russ Willcutt

Arrow Offers a Stock Solution

With 53 different combinations of carburized ground tooth spiral bevel gears in stock–and more than 50 years of experience–Arrow Gear is helping its customers to compete.

A sagging economy and the fierce demands of global competition are unfortunate realities that all manufacturers have been faced with in recent years. The fallout has come in the form of lost revenue and the elimination of millions of jobs. In Downers Grove, Illinois, however, one company is taking steps that will help manufacturers in […]
Bob Wasilewsky

The Details of Ductile Iron

Considering its many positive properties, a strong argument can be made for converting to ductile iron, and many in the industry have already made the switch.

Cast iron is generally thought of as a weak, dirty, cheap, brittle material that does not have a place in applications requiring high strength and defined engineering properties. While gray cast iron is relatively brittle by comparison with steel, ductile iron is not. In fact, ductile iron has strengths and toughness very similar to steel, […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Direct Digital Simulation Modeling

DDS modeling is a quick, easy, precise, and cost-effective means of mapping the contact points on a wide variety of gear surfaces.

Direct Digital Simulation (DDS) is a universal method for computer modeling of gear design manufacturing and analyses. Unlike the commonly used differential geometry, the DDS method is based on Boolean operations. DDS does not require calculating first or second derivatives for finding the envelope of surfaces. The DDS method finds the envelope of the surfaces […]
Stepan V. Lunin, Ph.D.,

The Advent of OptiGearing

Less noise and increased power density are just two advantages of the new type of helical gearing known as “OptiGearing.”

Introduction A 25 to 35 percent increase in power density and a markedly lower operating noise are two major performance advantages that a new type of helical gearing, called “OptiGearing,” offers over conventional helical gearing. These advantages are a result of three novel features incorporated in OptiGearing: 1) A major change in the type and […]
Franz Ross, William S. Rouverol


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

Signage attached by equipment manufacturers often contains important operating instructions, so make sure it’s readable.

I tend to be forgetful. I like to tell the story that there are three sure signs that you’re getting old. The first one is that you start to forget things, and I don’t remember the last two. The reason I bring this up is because just recently I was reviewing a machine that our […]
Terry McDonald

Tooth Tips: Donald R. McVittie P.E.

Discover why the toughest equipment at work in the world today uses carburized gearing.

Sometimes there simply is no easy fix for a misalignment problem. Maybe the box is bored out of line, the gears weren't matched originally, or the parts are so slender that they bend under load. In any case, the load is so heavy at one end of the teeth that wear is unacceptable. If it […]
Donald R. McVittie P.E.

AGMA Tech: Bill Bradley

An inside look into how one committee is working to update, revise, and create new standards for the gear-cutting industry.

In my earlier columns, the role and continual development of AGMA and ISO standards was discussed, in general, as a contributor to reliable gear products through progressive changes and refinements. This time I will focus on the activities of one AGMA committee that has been working to keep up with progress in gear manufacturing technology […]
Bill Bradley

Q&A with George Tahan

President of MicroGear, Inc.

When was MicroCheck gear software first developed, and what does it do? We launched MicroCheck about 10 years ago, and it’s a software program that encompasses everything you need in a double rolling flank gear tester. It measures according to all the international specifications such as AGMA and DIN, so it’s fully world compliant, and […]
William S. Rouverol, Franz Ross


New Gleason-Hurth ZH 200 Gear Honing Machine

The critical finish machining of the tooth flanks of hardened gears now can be performed much more efficiently, economically, and to higher quality standards with the introduction of Gleason’s new ZH 200 Gear Honing Machine. The new ZH 200 joins the popular and field-proven ZH 250 as the industry’s only gear honing machines utilizing the […]
December 1, 2004

Balzers Launches BALINIT ALCRONA

A revolutionary tool coating has just opened a completely new productivity dimension in milling and hobbing operations: BALINIT® ALCRONA is the first product of the G6 coating generation developed by Balzers. So far, titanium-based coatings such as TiAlN, AlTiN or TiCN have defined the benchmark. Now, AlCrN (aluminium chromium nitride) is the new magic formula. […]
May 1, 2004

AGMA, ASM, GRI Address Advanced Surface Engineering for Gears

Last March ASM International, the Gear Research Institute, and the American Gear Manufacturers Association sponsored the highly successful "Symposium on Advanced Surface Engineering for Gears." The one-day event was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel near the Detroit Metro Airport and attracted 83 attendees, in addition to the 12 scheduled speakers. Co-chairs of the event […]
May 1, 2004

New Gleason-Hurth ZH 200 Gear Honing Machine

The critical finish machining of the tooth flanks of hardened gears now can be performed much more efficiently, economically, and to higher quality standards with the introduction of Gleason’s new ZH 200 Gear Honing Machine, the company has announced. The new ZH 200 joins the popular and field-proven ZH 250 as the industry’s only gear […]
May 1, 2004

AGMA School for Gear Manufacturing

AGMA’s Gear Manufacturing Technology Course, conducted by the Gear Consulting Group LLC, is scheduled for the Chicago area this spring. The three-day course will be hosted by Star SU at their Hoffman Estates facility June 7-8. This class is aimed at all levels of gear manufacturing personnel, from operators to engineers, and is focused on […]
May 1, 2004

Brown & Sharpe Announces TESASCOPE

The TESASCOPE® optical comparator from Brown & Sharpe is designed to measure complex round parts such as gears, watch components, and fuel injector system parts in the metrology lab and on the shop floor. The TESASCOPE advanced measuring system includes horizontal or vertical fiber optic surface illumination, profile illumination with green filter, a hard anodized […]
May 1, 2004

KAPP Offers CBN Wheels to Entire Gear and Form Grinding Industry

The first company to develop CBN-plated grinding wheels for gear and form grinding, KAPP Technologies is now offering CBN-plated wheels to be used with or without a KAPP form-grinding machine. "We are excited to be able to supply CBN-plated grinding wheels to the entire gear and form grinding industry," says Tom Lang, vice president and […]
May 1, 2004

Royal Purple Completes New Manufacturing Facility

High-performance lubricant manufacturer Royal Purple has completed construction of its new state-of-the art production facility in Porter, Texas. The 125,000 square-foot plant, located on 28 acres, was built to handle the rapidly growing demand for Royal Purple products. This new facility enables the company to quadruple its production capacity. "We have every reason to believe […]
May 1, 2004

Royal Purple Completes New Manufacturing Facility

Bodycote Thermal Processing, Inc., is pleased to announce that their Canton, Michigan, facility has received special recognition from BorgWarner Cooling Systems Division. The Bodycote plant supplies specialist induction hardening services for various components to BorgWarner, which recently presented Bodycote with the "Outstanding Supplier Award" for successfully meeting low PPM (parts per million) targets. The Bodycote […]
May 1, 2004