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April 2004


Dragon Precision Tools Co., LTD.

As the world grows smaller each year, via the Internet and highly efficient delivery systems, acquiring quality products is no longer subject to geographical proximity.

Nearly three decades ago, in 1976, a man by the name of Yong Bae, Chun decided to start a company of his own. He wanted to call it the Dragon Precision Tools Co., in part because his name, “Yong,” literally translates to the word “dragon.” Chun had made his start in the gear business. At […]
Russ Willcutt

Methods of Hob Maintenance

Is in-house hob sharpening an advantage, or just dollars up the dust collector? Read on to learn more.

Deciding on the benefits of in-house hob sharpening depends on a number of factors that gear manufacturers are faced with when determining the allocation of resources to indirect labor dollars. A well-run hob sharpening facility can be a significant advantage to a gear manufacturer. However, as overhead costs are constantly under the microscope in lean […]
Greg Allen

Bladerunner 3F

The new three-face grinding blade design for dry cutting spiral bevel gears guarantees higher process capability, shorter handling sequences, and longer part runs.

In the past five years, dry-cutting technology has steadily moved to dominate production of automotive hypoid gearsets in the United States, while a parallel trend has occurred in Europe. The significant difference between wet cutting with high-speed steel and carbide cutting is higher productivity, better quality, increased ecological friendliness, and lower total cost of production. […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

The Fundamentals of Face Driving

Depending on the type of tooling, a single face driver may replace several solid ring drivers. Read on to learn more.

Ever-increasing demands on manufacturers to improve productivity and quality have led to the need for faster and more accurate machine techniques. Face driving arose to help meet these demands. Originally developed in Europe, it has become increasingly popular in the United States in the last decade. With chucks and grinding dogs the part must be […]
Mitchell Kirby

Animated CAD Solutions for Gear Mechanism Design

Embracing new technologies places engineers at the center of the gear-design proces

Two-dimensional and 3D CAD programs have continually lessened the role of the engineer in the actual process of designing gears, gear mechanisms, and mechanisms in general. This unilateral phenomenon can be corrected by using ACADS to increase the designer’s interactivity and creativity in that process. Countless examples of this have been available since April 2003, […]
Sandor J. Baranyi


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

When an injury occurs, document your response. And when you’re considering your operation’s procedures, view them all with an eye toward safety.

Last month we discussed data retrieval in this column. I thought it might help if we discussed what the courts would be looking for in the circumstance that we would have to defend our company in a safety-related suit. I sincerely hope that none of you ever have to defend yourselves in such a lawsuit, […]
Terry McDonald

Tooth Tips: Donald R. McVittie P.E.

As a gear-failure detective, you look for clues. These shortcuts will help you solve the case.

When gears are worn, they lose their accuracy. Like an engine camshaft, gears need a smooth, accurate shape to carry their load. When the correct profile is lost to wear, the mating gear tends to bounce on the pits and rough spots, increasing the load and speeding up the wear process. The only cure is […]
Donald R. McVittie P.E.

Gear Opinions: Marriage, Love and War

Communicating with your customers is crucial. Drewco Corporation CEO Ann Pettibone outlines her company’s approach.

Just as it is with most things in life–including marriage and military operations–both clear communications and the collection of the right information are essential to getting maximum results. To create a perfect union between our company and our customers, and to fight the good fight to produce highly effective gear-holding tooling, Drewco has developed a […]
Ann Pettibone

Q&A with Robert L. Handwerk

A conversation with the founder and president of RLH & Associates, LLC.

How long has your company been in business, and what are your primary activities? We’ve been in business for the past nine years, and we basically provide executive and management services to enhance employee productivity and increase profitability. Quite a bit of this includes management training, but there are a few subsets to that. For […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Mitutoyo Introduces First IP-66 Protected Digital Caliper

In a recent press release, the Mitutoyo America Corporation, of Aurora, Illinois, announced that it has introduced the world’s first IP-66 rated digital caliper for use in extremely harsh environments where coolants and moisture are prevalent in the manufacturing process. The IP-66 rating is the highest level of protection yet seen in a digital caliper. […]
April 1, 2004

Michigan Automatic Turning Lowers Spline Costs

For a number of manufacturers, Michigan Automatic Turning has been able to reduce spline manufacturing costs by converting hobbed splines into rolled splines. This process reduces the spline manufacturing time by tenfold. Rolled splines not only offer a tremendous costs savings, they are also significantly stronger. The rolling process increases grain structure density and reduces […]
April 1, 2004

Magnom Magnetic Filter Technology by Fluid Conditioning Systems

The filtering of contaminants is subject to many problems, not least consumable and environmental costs. And filtering to sub-micron level increases these costs considerably. Or, to be precise, this was the case before MagnomTM, which was designed for the grueling Formula One environment. Using magnetic field technology, Magnom filters can reduce or even eliminate the […]
April 1, 2004

Process Equipment Launches ND430 Next Dimension Gear Measurement System

For more than 50 years, Process Equipment Company has been designing and building special machines. The ND430 Next Dimension® Gear Measurement System is the latest development, moving Process Equipment toward its vision of "nurturing ideas that continually improve the productivity of our world." The Next Dimension ND430 Gear Measurement System is a CNC Analytical Gear […]
April 1, 2004

Green Unikleen by IPAX Cleanogel

Ipax is a pioneer in bringing to the industrial market environmentally safe water-based products which substitute as solvents in parts cleaning applications. Ipax is the only North American company awarded both the U.S. Green Seal and the "Enviromental Choice" Eco-Logo, which is a Canadian certification. The Green Unikleen product is an all-purpose, water-soluble, human-safe, environmentally […]
April 1, 2004

KOMET Introduces Toolholders for Precision Edge Cutting

Located in Schaumburg, Illinois, KOMET of America has introduced a series of toolholders that enable precise, eccentric adjustment of the cutting edge radii on tools with fixed insert seating. These toolholders feature KOMET’s ABS® connection. Easy to adjust, these holders–by means of an integral eccentric sleeve in the ABS connection–allow sensitive setting of both fine […]
April 1, 2004

Balzers Presents a New Generation of PVD Coatings

The first TiN coated twist drills by Balzers appeared on the market in 1980. Since then, PVD coatings contribute to the continuous performance improvement of tools in metal and plastic processing. Titanium compounds (TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, AlTiN, etc.) have almost exclusively determined industry standards. Exceptions, among others, are the carbon coatings (WC/C, DLC) developed by […]
April 1, 2004

AGMA Repeats Wind Turbine Seminar

Due to high demand, the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are co-hosting a repeat performance of "An Introduction to ANSI/AGMA/AWEA 6006-A03: Design and Specification of Gearboxes for Wind Turbines." While speakers are still to be announced, the specifics of the event are as follows: Program: "Design and Specification […]
April 1, 2004