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March 2004


Perry Technology Corp.

Since its beginnings as a solution to a physicist’s problem, this company has become a powerhouse in the production of high-precision gears.

It was the early 1940s, and the war was raging overseas. Back on the homefront, hundreds of thousands of scientists, researchers, and engineers were training their knowledge and expertise on supporting that effort. One of them was a physicist by the name of Thomas M. Perry, of Canton Center, Connecticut, who was working with the […]
Russ Willcutt

Sophisticated Software for Real-Time Data Retrieval

The electronic revolution of recent years has brought the world to our fingertips, and new software provides that same immediate information access to the manufacturing process.

In an age of information systems, we have immediate access to everything from our e-mail to the Internet. Gear manufacturers now have a system that will provide them with immediate access to their manufacturing data in real time. Gear metrology systems now are being networked and data linked so that they share files and programs. […]
Marvin Nicholson

Polyglycols for Lubricating Large Gear Drives

Long used for the successful lubrication of worm gears, polyglycol-based synthetic oils now present a viable option for large enclosed gear drives.

Introduction In modern-day gear technology, the lube oil used is an important element of the gear’s overall design. Increasingly stringent requirements for large enclosed gear drives–of the kind used in the wind power sector, for example–and the base materials industry now necessitate the use of synthetic oils. Although the feedback regarding the use of synthetic […]
Ulrich Mann, Ph.D.,

Extending Gear Life with Synthetic Lubricants

Compared to petroleum lubricants, synthetics run longer and cleaner, are more versatile, and can even cost less.

Petroleum oils may always have a place in the world of gearing, but as mechanisms run hotter and faster, quality demands increase, and extended warranties push service life, interest in synthetic gear lubricants continues to grow. Selecting the best lubricant for an application isn’t always easy. The American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) has developed an […]
Jeff Lay

Side Fit Spline Profiles


Splines are necessary for many reasons. In addition to transmission of torque, spline profiles are used to find and centralize the axis between a splined shaft and a splined hub located in the mating part. While it is possible to achieve this result with major diameter/minor diameter fits of the mating splines, the true centering […]
Rudolf Och, Jerry Kowalsky, Norbert Weiss

Actual vs. Effective Involute Tooth Size

A comprehensive description of the difference between actual and effective tooth thickness/circular space width of involute splines.

While splines have been manufactured for decades, they still seem to perplex the manufacturing engineer who is trying to insure the proper assembly of two mating components. The case frequently arises in which “the dimension over pins is within limits, but the parts won’t assemble.” Understanding why this happens — and learning how to avoid […]
Brian Slone


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

You’ve worked hard on your safety program, and the proof is in the documentation.

Is a safety program an income producer? Of course not, but it does contribute to our infamous “bottom line.” An active, documented safety program can and does contribute to a drastic lowering of insurance costs, as well as increasing productive time by lowering time lost due to injuries. You should notice that I specified “documented” […]
Terry McDonald

Tooth Tips: Donald R. McVittie P.E.

As a gear-failure detective, you look for clues. Here are a couple of shortcuts to help you solve the case.

Most gear tooth failures provide clues that help us make replacement gears that outlast the originals. Sometimes it’s simple, like “no oil,” but more often a little detective work is needed to find the cause and its solution. One example you may have seen involves heavy wear lines running from the tooth centers toward the […]
Donald R. McVittie P.E.

Q&A with George Taylor

A conversation with the director of custom gear sales for Fairfield Manufacturing.

I would assume that Fairfield’s wide range of capabilities, including its design/build services, allow you to feel fairly confident when you call on a customer. It really does. There are very few companies that we’re aware of in this industry who have their own engineering group that’s dedicated to product design and development, so we […]
Thomas M. McNamara, Dr. Alexander Kapelevich

AGMA Tech By Bill Bradley

Everyone in the gear-manufacturing industry is aware of ISO, but where did it come from, what purpose does it serve, and what does "ISO" mean?

How ISO Began International standardization began with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in 1906. Work in other fields, by the International Federation of National Standardizing Associations (ISA), was started in 1926. ISA's emphasis was on mechanical engineering standardization, but activities ceased in 1942. Following a 1946 meeting in London, 25 countries decided to create a […]
Bill Bradley


Kapp Technologies Launches KX300P

In a recent press release, Kapp Technologies announced the U.S. launch of its new gear grinding machine, the KX300P, which features the flexibility and versatility of two different grinding processes and two different tool concepts for each process. The KX300P was showcased in Europe at EMO Milan, the world machine tool show in October 2003. […]
March 1, 2004

FARO Gage Earns Euromold Gold Award

In a recent press release, FARO Technologies, Inc.–the global market-share leader in the portable coordinate measurement machine (CMM) field–announced that it has earned a prestigious European engineering honor: The Euromold Gold Award. The accolade is presented to the most innovative new-product launch during the year, and comes in recognition of the FARO Gage: a portable […]
March 1, 2004

SPE Launches Online Consultants Directory

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) has announced the launch of the SPE E&P Consultants Directory, which is a searchable database of consultants in the upstream oil and gas industry. Available at [], this free online service puts users in contact with individuals or companies who can meet their specific consulting needs. Additionally, consultants can […]
March 1, 2004

China’s Machine Components 2003 Deemed a Success

More than 750 global exhibitors and 81,000 visitors helped make Machine Components 2003 a major success. Organized jointly by the China Bearing Industry Association, the China General Machine Components Industry Association, the China National Machine Components Corp., and Business & Industrial Trade Fairs Ltd, the event was held last December at the Shanghai Everbright Convention […]
March 1, 2004

Curtiss-Wright Acquires Novatronics, Inc.

The Curtiss-Wright Corporation has announced the acquisition of Novatronics, Inc. The company will operate as a business unit of Curtiss-Wright Controls, Inc., a subsidiary of Curtiss-Wright Corporation. Novatronics designs and manufactures electric motors and position sensors (both linear and rotary) for the commercial aerospace, military aerospace, and industrial markets. The company has annual sales of […]
March 1, 2004

Philadelphia Gear Reorganizes Service Center Management Team

As a full-service provider of gearing and power transmission solutions, Philadelphia Gear has announced the reorganization of its service center management team to include proven service-oriented leadership in two of its regional maintenance facilities. Tony Tartaglio has been named general manager of the Western Service Center, and Barry Hall has been appointed Midwest Service Center […]
March 1, 2004