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February 2004


Kapp Technologies, Inc.

With more than 700 employees worldwide, the Kapp Group retains its position as a leader in the gear-manufacturing industry.

According to Thomas J. Lang, vice president and general manager of Kapp Technologies, in Boulder, Colorado, the company known worldwide for its gear-grinding machines and tools has its origins in a somewhat unexpected area: that of woodworking. “In the early 1950s Dr. Bernhard Kapp was a mechanical engineer who worked for a company called Waldrich, […]
Russ Willcutt

Determining the Source of Gear Whine Noise

Relating gear pairs to manufacturing errors may lead to better designs for mated gears.

Gear whine noise, particularly in consumer products such as motor vehicles and appliances, is an important and annoying problem. This problem has been exacerbated due to the continual reduction in sounds from other system noise exciters such as motors, engines, and wind. In an effort to control gear whine noise, one must select both the […]
Donald R. Houser, Ph.D.

Fine Pitch Powder Metal Gears Using Stainless Steel Alloys


While the AGMA Powder Metallurgy gear committee has referenced 48 pitch as a working limit for fine pitch powder metal gears, production processes are now routinely being used to produce ultra fine pitch P/M gears with a pitch as fine as 96 DP. These gears would be difficult at best, in a steel alloy, but […]
Stephen Baker

The Power of Powder

Powder metal is poised to become a viable option for manufacturers seeking lower production costs and higher-precision gears.

Market demand for more cost-effective processes to produce higher-performance product continues to increase. To meet this reality, manufacturers who often still consider gear-cutting as core technology are being forced to look hard at those processes capable of producing net-shape geometry. After all, a large percentage of the cost for manufacturing a gearbox is tied up […]
GKN Sinter Metals

Form Rolling for Finishing Powder Metal Gears

For many years researchers have struggled to refine the process of using powder metal to form lower-cost and higher-quality gears. Nissei describes its work in bringing that dream one step closer to reality.

In this article we introduce a finish rolling process for sintered Fe alloy gears using a new CNC form rolling machine: the Galaxy, which has been developed by Nissei Co. Ltd. The Galaxy is a two-roller dies plunge feed type in which seven axes are numerically and simultaneously controlled during rolling, reaching the highest precision […]
Toshinaka Shinbutsu, Teruie Takemasu, Ph.D.,

The Basics of Brush Deburring

Automated deburring systems help manufacturers save time and—most importantly—money.

Today’s marketplace offers a wide spectrum of needs for all types of manufacturers: from the job shops needing quick and easy changeovers for a wide variety of parts, to those who manufacture the same parts day after day. These parts can be almost anything manufactured, but very common in the mix are gears. All types […]
Marvin Nicholson, Eric Mutschler


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

You’ve counted your blessings over the holidays, so now extend them to the people you’re charged with keeping safe while they’re doing their work.

Isincerely hope that all the readers of Gear Solutions, and of this column, have had a joyful and happy holiday season. When I consider this season and all the reasons that we have to be thankful, I can’t help but think of those who are less fortunate, particularly employees who have been injured in a […]
Terry McDonald

Tooth Tips: Donald R. McVittie P.E.

What’s the point in using precision pieces if they’re not mounted properly? These tips will help you to avoid the mess of misalignment.

Misalignment of an overhung pinion is easy to understand, but sometimes we see signs of misalignment even though the gear and the pinion are both supported between bearings. When pitting failure extends only halfway across the tooth face, it’s a sure sign of misalignment under load. What caused the misalignment? The key lies in the […]
Donald R. McVittie P.E.

Q&A with Carl Tarantino

Sales Manager, mG miniGears

I know that mG miniGears has been involved inmanufacturing powder-metal gears for nearly two decades now, but how did your company get involvedin working with powder metal in the first place? Back in 1985, one of our customers expressed an interest in having us take a look into producing powder-metal products, and we decided that […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


New Gleason-Pfauter P-90 Horizontal Hobbing Machine

Gleason Corporation is building on the proven performance and worldwide success of its P-60 horizontal hobbing machine with the introduction of the P-90, a horizontal hobber with a similar design but twice the cutter drive output and 20 percent more capacity than the popular P-60. Like the P-60, the P-90 delivers significant improvements in performance […]
February 1, 2004

Inductoheat Announces Personnel Changes

Inductoheat, Inc., of Madison Heights, Michigan, welcomes Florie Schwartz as their new aftermarket account manager. Schwartz’s responsibilities include customer relations, spare part sales, and contributing to the growth of the recently renovated coil department, which focuses on new coil build, prototype coil work, and coil repairs. Prior to joining Inductoheat, Schwartz worked in the induction […]
February 1, 2004

Bodycote’s Chicago Lab Receives GE Aircraft Engine Approval

In a recent press release, Bodycote Materials Testing (BMT) announced that its Chicago laboratory has received "Special Process Certification" as an approved "Metallic Testing Laboratory" for the General Electric Aircraft Engine group. This approval compliments the Chicago laboratory’s existing quality accreditations, including NADCAP, A2LA, ISO 17025, NUPIC, and NIAC. The laboratory also holds numerous customer-based […]
February 1, 2004

FARO Introduces Industry’s First Fully Integrated 3-D Laser ScanArm

In a recent press release, FARO Technologies, Inc.–the market-share leader in the portable coordinate measurement machine (CMM) field–introduced the industry’s first ever seven-axis contact/non-contact measurement device with a fully integrated laser scanner: The FARO Laser ScanArm. "Fully integrated means that, unlike other scanning systems, the FARO ScanArm’s hard probe and laser scanner can digitize interchangeably […]
February 1, 2004

Curtiss-Wright Secures New Agreement for $23.6 Million

The Curtiss-Wright Corporation has announced that it has secured a memorandum of agreement valued at $23.6 million at current projected aircraft production rates from The Boeing Company. The period of production is planned from 2004 through 2009. The agreement is the second F/A-22 program award Curtiss-Wright has secured in six months through its motion control […]
February 1, 2004

ATS Acquires Technology License for Innovative Robotics

In a recent press release, ATS Automation Tooling Systems, Inc., announced that it has acquired a perpetual technology license from, and a small equity stake in, Innovative Robotics Systems Inc., (IRSI)–a privately held, California-based specialty robot supplier, primarily to the semiconductor industry. The license provides ATS with the right to manufacture, modify, and integrate IRSI’s […]
February 1, 2004