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January 2004


Nachi Machining Technology

Faced with a faltering economy, changing product designs, and new challenges from developing countries, Nachi regroups to remain a leader in the gear-making game.

Years ago, as the story is told — and long before Nachi-Fujikoshi purchased the 76 year-old National Broach & Machine Co. — a certain gear worker began setting the company’s machine tools apart from the others by painting a red ring around them. Asked why, he said that they worked the best, and he didn’t […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

The Basics of Rebuilding Machine Tools

Why retire a perfectly good machine tool that may still provide years of useful service life? The following is a step-by-step outline of “How to make cents out of it.”

Rebuilding a machine tool requires expertise in mechanical, hydraulic, lubrication, pneumatic, electrical, control, and coolant systems, as well as knowledge of the process the machine performs. The rebuilding process will require each of these systems to be disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and repaired or replaced as required. A complete rebuild process takes place in a series […]
Kenneth Flowers

PVD Coatings for Improved Gear Production

Not only do PVD coatings extend the life of your gear-cutting tools, they can also impart beneficial properties to the actual gears being produced.

Low-temperature Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coatings show proven functionality, both in increasing the performance of cutting tools used to machine gears as well as in imparting beneficial layers on the gear itself. In both applications, the coatings improve tribological response of the cutting tool or gear, although the wear environments are quite different. The continuing […]
Dennis T. Quinto, Ph.D.

Direct Gear Design Drives Performance

On custom jobs, consider Direct Gear Design — an application-driven gear development process with primary emphasis on performance maximization and cost efficiency.

Modern gear design based on the gear rack generating process was introduced in the 19th century and remains the only way to design gears today. It considers the gear rack profile as the cutting edge of the tool. In order to define the gear geometry, the designer must select the generating rack parameters such as […]
Dr. Alexander Kapelevich

Staying Aloft as an Aerospace Supplier

At a time when strategic planning is more crucial than ever, aerospace suppliers must identify trends in the industry in order to be prepared to meet the coming challenges.

It’s no secret that the pressure to reduce input costs has led prime aerospace manufacturers to reexamine each element in the supply chain for both military and civilian aircraft. Aerospace gear manufacturers are no exception to the scrutiny. What seemed to be an elite element of aircraft in the last century is no more than […]
Lee Mason


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

Gear-machine manufacturers should place more emphasis on their equipment’s safety features as selling points, according to our monthly columnist.

Did you attend Gear Expo 2003 in beautiful downtown Columbus last October? It certainly was a show worth attending. The booths I visited were all well-manned, and well-designed to attract attention. The stories I heard from the exhibitors were that, while the number of attendees was down, the people that attended were the right ones, […]
Terry McDonald

Tooth Tips: Donald R. McVittie P.E.

Information you can use to prevent problems and prolong gear life.

Here's a checklist for "walking around" inspections of operating gear drives. It's intended to help you keep track of the health of your drives and to avoid surprise shutdowns. No tools are required except your eyes, ears, nose, and a sense of touch. The idea is to pause long enough each time you pass an […]
Donald R. McVittie P.E.

Bill Bradley: AGMA Tech

Aimed at providing a common language for the evaluation of gear products, learn more about the "now and why" of standards development.

Gear products are among the most-reliable mechanical systems used in our economy today. This has been achieved through progressive changes in gear manufacturing technology, gear design methods, and the continual development and refinement of gearing standards. The Role of Standards Gear standards are common language through which manufacturers and users can evaluate products. In business […]
Bill Bradley

Q&A with Dave Pumphrey

Pumphrey Marketing, designer of NavCat presentation software

Can you explain the idea behind NavCat? Sure. We knew that a lot of folks have 3-D CAD drawings or files in their engineering archives that they don¼t know what to do with. They¼d like to show them to their customers, but they don¼t know how. The purpose of NavCat is to take what they […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


SME Offers Two Education Events for the Gear Industry

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) is pleased to announce two multi-speaker educational clinics presenting the latest trends, developments, and cutting edge innovations, as well as basic fundamentals information for the heat treating and gears industries.Heat Treating and Hardening Gears (March 16, 2004) and Basic Gear Design and Manufacturing (March 17-18) include a host of […]
January 1, 2004

Clarke Gear Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

Since 1954, the Clarke Gear Company (Clarke Engineering, Inc.) has been a leader in the production of gears for aerospace and commercial applications–including performance products and industrial and medical devices–and has even landed the "Outstanding Supplier Service" award from one of its major aerospace manufacturing customers. Its continued goal is to provide the highest-quality product […]
January 1, 2004

Balzers Announces New President

In a recent press release dated November 18, 2003, Balzers, Inc.–the global leader in PVD coating technology–announced that Kent Connell has been appointed president of the company effective January 1, 2004. Coming from ESEC, a sister company within the Unaxis Corporation, Connell joins Balzers with a background in marketing and sales, as well as finance. […]
January 1, 2004

Fairfield Announces New President

Fairfield Manufacturing Company, Inc., announces the appointment of Gary J. Lehman as President and CEO, effective immediately. Lehman joins Fairfield Manufacturing after serving as managing director and cofounder of the Cannelton Group, a consulting firm specializing in strategic and operational assistance to manufacturing companies. Prior to that position, Lehman served as president of Philips Lighting […]
January 1, 2004

United Gear & Assembly Increases Nitriding Capacity with New Furnace

Fairfield Manufacturing Company, Inc., announces the appointment of Gary J. Lehman To meet increased volume requirements, United Gear & Assembly (UGA) has purchased an additional nitriding pit furnace. The new 6,000-lb. capacity furnace is due to be operational in the first quarter of 2004. It will complement the existing wide range of heat-treating services that […]
January 1, 2004

mG miniGears Facilities Awarded ISO/TS 16949:2000 Certification

In a press release dated November 24, 2003, mG miniGears S.p.A. (Padova, Italy) and its subsidiary in the United States, mG miniGears North America (Virginia Beach, Virginia), announced that, after undergoing ISO/TS 16949:2000 Quality System audits in October, both facilities have been awarded certification. "This represents a significant accomplishment towards our strategic corporate initiative in […]
January 1, 2004

Arrow Gear Introduces New Computer Modeling Technology

In a recent press release, the Arrow Gear Company–a global provider of high-precision gearing–announced the introduction of a computer modeling system for use in the design of spur and helical gears. Promising to be the next generation of production technique for precision gearing, Arrow’s system provides a dramatic reduction in lead times, greatly enhances quality, […]
January 1, 2004