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December 2003


Arrow Gear Company

At a point in time when the truth is hard to find, and “spin” is applied to nearly everything, it’s refreshing to talk to a man like James Cervinka, the 83 year-old cofounder and CEO of the Arrow Gear Company. “I’ll be honest with you, I started this company to get rich, and what’s wrong

At a point in time when the truth is hard to find, and “spin” is applied to nearly everything, it’s refreshing to talk to a man like James Cervinka, the 83 year-old co-founder and CEO of the Arrow Gear Company. “I’ll be honest with you, I started this company to get rich, and what’s wrong […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Inside The ISO Certification Process

Considering certification? Here are answers to your most basic questions, as well as a case study from someone who’s been there.

Avon Gear Company commenced operations in 1974. The company started as a gear manufacturer in a 10,000 square-foot facility in Rochester, Michigan. Today, under the leadership of company President Aaron Remsing, Avon Gear is located in a 60,000 square-foot facility, also in Rochester. Its product line includes high-precision gears, AGMA Class-10–sun, spur, helical, and high-contact […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Harnessing the Internet for Sizzling Service

Longtime industry leader Philadelphia Gear has taken a new approach to providing service excellence… online!

In 1998, the Philadelphia Gear Corporation — a century-old gearing and power transmission manufacturer — conducted a business evaluation of its operations to determine the long-term profitability outlook for the gear-manufacturing segment of its business. Founded in 1892, Philadelphia Gear had developed a reputation for manufacturing custom-gearing solutions to meet the world’s growing industrial needs. […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

The Secret to Sigma Pool’s Success

The Sigma Pool—a collaboration between industry giants Klingelnberg, Liebherr, and Oerlikon—is providing solutions to the global gear market.

The Sigma Pool was formed in 1991 to be a market-focused, single-source supplier for gear manufacturers around the world. Alone, each company served a specific niche of the overall gearing field. Together, they were able to expand their offerings to every corner of the globe, while simultaneously cutting costs and sharing technology. Liebherr brought expertise […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

Helping employees stay cool while working in a hot environment doesn't take much, in terms of cost or effort, but the payoff is huge in the areas of elevated productivity and morale.

This was a hot and dry fall in most areas of our country. As I wrote this column, the heat index here was 114 degrees F. This kind of heat brings up a safety issue that we do not face the majority of the year. This issue is heat stress. The vast majority of gear […]
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Q&A with Tom Kelly

As president of the Mitsubishi Gear Technology Center, he has his finger on the pulse of the gear-machine market. His predictions? Learn more in the Q&A section.

In a down market, you’ve actually been able to increase Mitsubishi’s market share in the United States over the past couple of years. How have you managed to do that? When we put our new organization together in late 1999, we went from a standard machine tool distribution type of organization to more of a […]
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Eltool’s Coolant Driven Keyseat Cutter Eliminates Secondary Operations

Modern CNC machining centers and lathes can now perform almost any common machining operation efficiently. One of the last holdouts has been keyways and splines–always an expensive secondary broaching or shaping operation. Eltool’s Coolant Driven Keyseat Cutter now allows this operation to be brought online for the first time. Eltool’s Titespot keyseat cutting head eliminates […]
December 1, 2003

GEAR EXPO 2003 Provides Exhibitors with Quality Leads

Executives from every facet of the gear industry attended GEAR EXPO 2003–the only international trade show devoted exclusively to the gear industry–which was held October 5-8, 2003, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Ohio. AGMA Vice President and Show Manager Kurt Medert says that "I could tell early on, even during the move-in, that […]
December 1, 2003

Raycar Acquires Hofler Helix 400 Gear Grinder with Onboard Analyzer

In a recent press release, Raycar Gear & Machine announced that it has purchased a Hofler Helix 400 gear grinder with an onboard gear analyzer. This modern, full-axis CNC gear grinder has increased the company’s capacity to grind practically any tooth profile, including crown, taper, tip relief, and just about any imaginable modification up to […]
December 1, 2003

WENZEL Group Entering the World of Gear Metrology

In a press release dated October 8, 2003, Wenzel Pr”zision GmbH, Wiesthal, announced that it is continuing its expansion course by founding WENZEL GearTec GmbH. With this subsidiary–which is 100-percent owned by WENZEL–the company wants to establish itself in the market of gear metrology. Initially, WENZEL GearTec will have 10 employees, all with many years […]
December 1, 2003

Heat-Treat Courses from Pye

Pye Metallurgical Consulting has announced its heat treatment course schedule for 2004:Course 1Practical Carburizing and Carbo Nitriding Mon. 1/26 – Wed. 1/28 Venue: Meadville, PennsylvaniaCourse 2Practical Nitriding and Ferritic NitroCarburizing Mon. 3/29 – Wed. 3/31 Venue: Meadville, PennsylvaniaCourse 3Practical Carburizing and Carbo Nitriding Mon. 6/28 – Wed. 6/30 Venue: Meadville, PennsylvaniaCourse 4Practical Nitriding and Ferritic […]
December 1, 2003

Trogetec Offers Five Innovative Designs

Trochoidal Gear Technologies, Inc., offers five types of custom designs for HCSPs of micro-precision fabrication in stainless steel, specialty metals, and other materials, for use in medical–new generation blood-pumps and LVADs, left-ventricular-assist-device for heart patients–and for special pump and flow metering screw applications in avionics, space travel, commercial, and other industries. The five design types […]
December 1, 2003

Aero Gear Expands its Gear Finishing Capabilities

In a recent press release, Aero Gear, Inc., announced that it has installed a Kapp VUG-432 gear grinder at its Windsor, Connecticut, plant. This machine provides the capability for both internal and external gear grinding using CBN wheels. The company–which has been involved in the manufacture of aerospace gearing for more than 20 years–purchased the […]
December 1, 2003