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July 2003


Lawler Gear Corp.

From a four-man operation to a thriving business employing some two-dozen experienced workers, Lawler Gear provides an interesting mix of gear-related services.

It was 1952 when a small-town blacksmith by the name of Calvin Lawler was drafted into the Korean War effort. He had just completed basic training when he signed up for a three-month course at an Army base in Atlanta that would prepare him to man a mobile machine shop mounted in the back of […]
Russ Willcutt

Custom Solutions for Workholding Challenges

At a time when everyone has access to the same manufacturing technologies, the Drewco Corporation is helping its customers stand out with tailored solutions to their workholding needs.

Speed, efficiency, competition, accuracy… all words that fuel the fires of modern-day manufacturing. They are the “why” behind our daily tasks, as well as the reasons for invention and the motivation to compete–and what drives us to compete also forces us to improve. Today’s gear manufacturing arena is filled with obstacles that challenge us to […]
Matt Peterson

Reinventing the Wheels at Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation

Gleason Cutting Tools’ new superabrasives wheel plating facility is helping gear manufacturers keep pace with increased demand for high-performance hardened and ground gears.

Gear designers around the world are seeking to increase their use of hardened gears to squeeze optimum performance out of smaller, quieter transmissions and gearboxes. After all, highly accurate hardened gears offer greatly improved strength and wear resistance (service life), while at the same time delivering a greater load carrying capacity (higher torque) than larger […]
Michael Hayes


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

Common-sense commentary on how easy—and important—it is to stay sharp on the job when it comes to safety.

I would like to expand on my comment in the last column concerning cleanliness of the work area. You may not think of this as a safety issue, but I find that a clean, organized work area is one of the best deterrents to those nagging little injuries that seem to occur no matter what. […]
Terry McDonald

Q&A with Greg Allen

Greg Allen is a real world traveler, constantly combing the globe for premium parts to import into the U.S. marketplace.

I understand that you’re the sole U.S. distributor for Dragon Precision Tools. How did that come about? My first exposure to Dragon was in 1989. I was working for a company called Cleveland Cutter and Reamer, and we were making hobs and shaper cutters. But there was a capacity issue in the industry at that […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Tyrolit and Bosch Develop Tool-Free Disc Change

Tyrolit and the German electronics group Bosch have achieved a technological breakthrough in angle grinding. In a three-year collaboration, the two companies have developed the first SDS quick-clamping system for angle grinders found worldwide. The new technology has been patented, which leads to an international competitive advantage. The revolutionary SDS system allows a tool-free disc […]
July 1, 2003

Improved Automotive Conveyer Drives from Philadelphia Gear

Philadelphia Gear Corporation, a full-service provider of gearing and power transmission solutions, announces product improvements to its durable and reliable line of automotive conveyor line gear drives. Bulls-eye sight flow indicators have been added to both the 55 and 155 CDR conveyor units. These new indicators allow for the oil level to be determined at […]
July 1, 2003

New Arm Control/Laser Tracker Combo from FARO

FARO Technologies, Inc., has released two of its top-selling portable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) in a single package. The FARO Combo Package unites the company’s Platinum FaroArm Control Station®–the original and only long-reach (four to 12 feet), "six degree of freedom" probe on the market–with the FARO Laser Tracker Si®, which has a range of […]
July 1, 2003

Smooth, Silent Cycloidal Speed Reducers Available from Transcyko

Transcyko® cycloidal speed reducers are smooth, silent, operate without vibration, and can absorb extremely high shock loads in excess of 500 percent. The reducers also come with a two-year warranty. Transcyko cycloidal speed reducers are available in a wide range and combination of sizes, ratios, input power, mountings, and configurations. Reduction ratios are 6:1 through […]
July 1, 2003

W.M. Berg Introduces Metric/Inch Shaft Adapters

New shaft adapters developed by W.M. Berg are an excellent method to inexpensively convert metric shaft to a standard inch-sized shaft. They are high precision, with tight tolerances on bores, shank, and bore/shank concentricity, and they come in both pin hub and clamp style hubs. The comprehensive varieties include inch and metric males to inch […]
July 1, 2003

Xtek Develops Formula 800 Coupling Compound

Formula 800 is the result of more than two years of extensive research and development by a consortium of scientists and engineers, and it has been field tested in tough, hardworking rolling mills across the United States. Formula 800 is a lubricant that provides unprecedented resistance to the exceptional heat and friction generated by gear […]
July 1, 2003

Ederer Acquired by PaR Systems, Inc.

PaR Systems, Inc., has announced the acquisition of the assets and operations of Ederer Incorporated, which is located in Seattle, Washington. Ederer, LLC, will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of PaR Systems. To ensure the continuation of Ederer’s strong knowledge base and industry leading reputation, all active Ederer employees will remain with the business. […]
July 1, 2003

Twelfth Annual AGMA Gear Failure Analysis Seminar

You can avoid gear failure and save thousands of dollars in repair costs. It’s all about knowing what causes gear failure and how to prevent it from occurring. Attend AGMA’s technical education seminar on gear failure analysis and come away with a complete knowledge of gear failure–what to watch out for, and how to fix […]
July 1, 2003