Quality. Over and Over Again.

Weldon Solutions’ Mission

Through our integrity, innovation and use of technology, we resolve to assure our long-term security and prosperity by providing World Class CNC cylindrical grinders, robotic automation systems, automated storage and retrieval systems, drives and controls technology and service to our customers.

Our History

Weldon Solution’s roots go back to the 1890’s when Frederick T. Flinchbaugh founded Flinchbaugh Manufacturing, Inc., which became a prominent manufacturer of gasoline tractors and traction engines. Over the years, company ownership was passed on through the Flinchbaugh family. The company evolved into Weldon Hydraulics, Inc. and became known for innovation in the field of hydraulic cylinders and other special machinery.

In the mid-1970’s Weldon entered into the CNC grinder business by designing, building, and marketing their own grinder. James D. Flinchbaugh took over as company president. The manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders was terminated in 1981 as grinders became a more significant part of the company’s business. Two years later, the company changed its name to Weldon Machine Tool, Inc. Weldon now focused exclusively on CNC grinders and gradually phased out the manufacturing of special engineered machinery.

In 1991, Tsugami Corporation, a major Japanese machine tool builder, IBC, a Japanese trading company, and REM Sales, a Connecticut-based importer for Tsugami and others, acquired Weldon Machine Tool. James Flinchbaugh remained as president. This acquisition provided Weldon with a significant input of capital, and R&D funding.

In 1999, the assets of the company and the name Weldon Machine Tool were acquired by a group of employees. The new corporation was formed as an employee ESOP and continues to provide the same high quality, CNC grinders, latest grinding technologies, and unparalleled customer service and support that has made it a leading manufacturer of CNC grinders. Through the 2003 acquisition of some assets of the former Emtrol, Inc., a Lancaster, PA-based engineering and integration company, the management of Weldon Solutions created a powerful technical force capable of integrating automated solutions using robotics, and providing Toshiba variable speed drives for a wide array of industrial applications. Ongoing technical support and service for existing Emtrol systems also remain an important objective of the company.

In 2004, Weldon Machine Tool, Inc. announced the rebranding of the company. Now doing business as Weldon Solutions the company manufactures and services the Weldon line of CNC grinders, designs and integrates robotic automation solutions to satisfy a variety of applications, and installs and services storage and retrieval and automation systems for bakeries. We also offer drives and controls technology featuring Toshiba variable frequency drives. We provide our customers with cutting edge technologies that increase performance, enhance efficiency and generate cost-effective processes in manufacturing and industrial environments.

The dedication, skills, and commitment of our employees have always been the strength of Weldon Solutions. The employees that our customers have come to know and trust to meet their needs are now the dedicated committed owners of Weldon Solutions. These employees along with Weldon’s reputation for innovation and quality guarantee a solid and promising future for Weldon Solutions.

Weldon Grinders Handle the Most Demanding Applications

All Weldon CNC grinders are specifically configured, tooled and programmed to suit the end user’s most demanding requirements. Prior to shipment, all machines are tested and qualified on the user’s actual production parts. After shipment, a Weldon engineer will travel to the installation site to asist with start-up and provide on-site training for the operator, programmer and maintenance personnel.

Weldon’s product range offers a viable solution for practically every external or internal cylindrical grinding challenge on parts ranging from .100" to 16" in diameter and from a few ounces to 1,000 pounds. Weldon’s unique machine features and vast expertise with superabrasives offers successful solutions for difficult to cut materials such as carbide, ceramic, exotic aerospace alloys, and hard tool steels.

All Weldon CNC grinders can routinely and automatically grind contours, tapers, chamfers, fillets, radii, shoulders, and straight diameters in one setup and one continuous operation. They have the capabilities for OD/ID work in one setup; ID contouring; and nonround grinding… all with excellent results in productivity and quality. See the complete line >>

Peel Grinding: A Pioneering Process in Grinding

Weldon’s peel grinding development effort started in 1997 working with the Aerospace industry. We found that the peel grinding process was perfectly suited for grinding complex forms in exotic materials such as inconel that are very tough and tended to "load" the grinding wheel when using conventional abrasives and plunge grind processes… learn more >>

Automation for Grinding

In the machine tool industry our automation solutions set the standard for reliability and affordability. When compared to traditional gantries, articulated robotic solutions enable you to achieve shorter installation time resulting in lower integration costs, replace part carousels with pallets for part queuing to reduce overall system costs…. learn more >>