Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument, ISO certified, strives to be the best as a manufacturer of quality electromechanical components and assemblies. They are dedicated to continuous improvement through training, investment in the latest manufacturing techniques, machinery and skilled employees that make customer satisfaction their personal responsibility.

SDP & SI are companies that were founded by engineers. Today these companies are still managed by engineers and are supported by a highly trained engineering and design staff. Manufacturing, sales, marketing, production and support personnel are all engaged in providing customers with a quality product at the best value.

Keeping their customers in mind, SDP & SI carries an inventory that exceeds $13 Million with over 95,500 components in stock. Automated barcode controlled carousels are managed by stock room employees that are handling over 450 items a day.

The manufacturing division represents more than half of the company's total workforce. This highly motivated group is comprised of seasoned veterans and newcomers, all eager to lend their talents to the task at hand. Obligated to comply with exacting standards and rigid quality requirements, SDP/SI manufacturing personnel hone their exceptional skills through an effective educational process of ongoing knowledge transfer supplemented by on-the-job training.

Free Catalog/Design Guides from SDP/SI:
Interactive CD Rom D710
Handbook Of INCH Drive Components, Catalog 790-2
Handbook Of Metric Components, Catalog 785
Gearheads D125 Catalog
Handbook of Timing Belts & Pulleys, D265
Handbook of Fairloc® Components, D242
Drive Component Design Textbook, D757