IonBond® is a worldwide supplier of thin film coating services and equipment with operations in North America, Europe and Asia. Coating centers are strategically located near major industrial hubs. This allows us to respond to customer requests quickly from almost anywhere in the world. Pick-up and delivery are available for qualified customers along with other services designed to maximize quality with rapid turnaround and superior performance.

Our coating centers offer the latest in thin film coating and surface enhancement technology. State-of-the-art Cathodic Arc PVD, Enhanced Arc PVD, Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), Plasma assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (PaCVD) and vacuum heat treatment services are available through IonBond®. In addition, many coating centers are equipped to provide edge conditioning and polishing services, and tool grinding.

Our coating centers' practical and technical expertise in thin film coating, surface conditioning and industrial applications are key ingredients in solving customers' problems. Each of our centers has an experienced technical and engineering staff. The local technical staffs are supported by our Corporate Technology Group which develops new coatings and applications and provides failure analysis and analytical services. In our continuing commitment to produce high quality coatings, IonBond® has implemented a company-wide program to ensure that all coating centers meet the demanding requirements of ISO 9000 (QS 9000 where applicable). Our centers in the North-eastern U.S. and Canada were the first ISO certified coating facilities in North America. Our quality program has established standards for hardness, adhesion, surface finish and color. Customers are assured of receiving consistent coating properties regardless of which IonBond® center coats their parts.

Today, IonBond® offers the largest selection of thin film coatings available and continues to develop new and improved coatings. IonBond® coatings offer superior surface finish and performance compared with other competitive offerings. Tetrabond® amorphous carbon coating is the leading commercial PVD diamond coating thanks to its excellent adhesion on all grades of cemented carbide, steel, nickel, Co-Cr and titanium alloys. Bernex® CVD coatings and Diamond Like Carbon Coatings (DLC's) are world leaders. The MoST® family of solid film lubricant coatings offer superior lubricity for dry forming and the elimination of metal pick-up, and for other applications.