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Micro Surface Corporation

Micro Surface Corporation started out in 1919 as Timesaver Products Company Inc., makers of TimeSaver Lapping Compounds. It served manufacturers […]

Iosso Metal Processes

Our processes are patented chromium alloy treatments that have characteristics far superior to conventional coatings in terms of extended life […]

Impact of Surface Condition and Lubricant on Effective Gear Tooth Friction Coefficient

The impact of gear tooth surface roughness and advanced coatings on frictional losses in a gear mesh is of significant […]

Tribological Coating Wear and Durability Performance Guideline for Gear Applications

For decades, the performance of tribological coatings has been studied with the goal of developing practical surface treatments to enhance […]

Influence of Surface Finishing on the Load Capacity of Coated and Uncoated Spur Gears

In order to increase the power density of tribologically stressed drivetrain components, different approaches are being pursued in material and […]

The Impact of Surface Condition and Lubricant on Gear Tooth Friction

The most exhaustive experimental study quantifying gear tooth friction is by Yoshizaki [1], in which spur gears with various geometries […]

A Study on Contact Fatigue Performance of Nitrided and TiN Coated Gears

The developing trend of gears focusing on high-speed, heavy-duty, lightweight, and small sizes makes hardness promotion of gear face through […]

AlCrN-Based Hard Coatings on Modern Carbide Tools

According to a general rule of thumb, a significant reduction of costs in mechanical machining can only be achieved by […]

Comparative Corrosion Characteristics of Ground and Superfinished Gear Steels

The described effort was undertaken to assess the impact of the isotropic superfinishing (ISF®) process on the corrosion resistance of […]

Carbon Coatings for Transmission Components

The use of carbon-based coatings has steadily increased over the last decade. It all started with high-tech applications in high-end […]

Precision Electrolytic Machining

Engineers and manufacturers looking to create gears with high tolerance, precision, and a smooth surface finish have a new technology […]

Optimizing Operating Efficiency

The potential for improving the efficiency of final drives by systematically employing special lubricants has been exhausted. For pointed gears […]

Black Oxide Finishing for Gears

The True Cost of Outsourcing Due to the hazardous nature of most black oxide processes, manufacturers have  traditionally been forced […]

Abrasiveness of Boron Carbide Coatings

Hard coatings, such as boron carbide (B4C), can quickly polish the surface of the mating material during sliding contact. The […]

The Flexibility of Spindle Finishing

In recent years, an increasing degree of specialization in the metalworking industry has created a need for equipment that can […]

Scuffing Resistance of Isotropic Superfinished Precision Gears

The high performance required from aerospace gears places stringent requirements upon the metallurgical quality, geometry, and surface finish of mating […]

Wear Mechanisms of HSS Cutting Tools

1: Introduction Metal cutting puts extreme demands on the tool and tool material through conditions of high forces, high contact […]

Stress in Diamond-Coated Cutting Tools

Diamond coatings have been increasingly used in cutting-tool applications. Coating delamination is the major tool failure mode and occurs due […]

Surface Enhancement: The Mikronite Process

Friction and wear can be found in every moving object, from the cars we drive to the lifesaving devices used […]

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