Thursday, February 27, 2020


Fatigue Performance of Prealloyed PM Steel

Powder metal (PM) materials that exhibit excellent heat treated properties and achieve good fatigue performance are needed to convert wrought […]

Low Pressure Carburizing for Transmissions

With the many advances that have taken place to improve quality in the gear industry, it is only logical that […]

Retained Austenite Stabilization

The phenomenon of retained austenite stabilization in tool steels is well documented [1,2]. When a steel with a martensite finish […]

Dimensional Stability in Cryogenic Treatments

When cryogenically treated, case carburized steel (En 353) showed tremendous improvement in wear resistance [1]. This is due to the […]

Optimizing Ring Gear Forging

The objective of this research was to develop an optimum preform/blocker forge geometry for a ring gear blank, which would […]

Powder Metal for Precision and Performance

While the powder metal process is becoming increasingly popular with gear designers because it is a cost-effective alternative to traditional […]

The LPC Process for High-Alloy Steels

Low pressure carburizing (LPC) in vacuum furnaces has many applications in industrial technologies where high quality, reliability, and repeatability are […]

Forged Gears for Structual Integrity and Product Reliablity

For a primer on the differences between cast and forged gears, who better to turn to than the Forging Industry […]

Low-Cycle Bending Fatigue of AISI 9310 Steel Spur Gears

An investigation of the low-cycle bending fatigue of spur gears made from AISI 9310 gear steel was completed. Tests were […]

The Team Approach to Precision Plastic Gearing

Since antiquity, gears and gear systems have constantly been developed and improved. This continuing process includes the evolution of plastic […]

Heat Treating Heavy-Duty Gears

Whether required to pace the movement of a precision watch or a giant wind turbine, gears play an essential role […]

Time to Shift Gears on Heat Treating?

How many times have you heard this conversation? Production manager: “Where’s the 72-piece bevel gear order that should be at […]

Case Study: Butler Gear/Cosen Saws

Like links in a chain, every aspect of your manufacturing process is connected, and if one of them fails or […]

Diagnostic Tool Helps Develop Profile for Induction Hardening Process

Combining process monitoring and a diagnostic tool to develop a process for contour (profile) hardening gear teeth or tooth-like objects […]

Comparing Castings and Forgings

Material selection is one of the most crucial decisions made in the design, manufacture, and application of large structural components. […]

Rolling Contact Fatigue of Surface Densified PM Gears

Surface densification provides the opportunity for PM technology to advance into the manufacture of highly stressed product groups, such as […]

Engineered Systems for Forging Operations

Forging is a diverse industry, and Seco has a number of different furnaces, atmosphere generating systems, and quenching systems to […]

High Performance Gears for Heavy Duty Transmissons

Planetary gears in heavy truck gearboxes are normally manufactured by forging a blank, turning, hobbing, shaving, and heat-treatment followed by […]

Engineered Heat Treatment for Stronger Aerospace Gears

It is well established that carburization of low alloy steels promotes compressive residual surface stress upon quenching, and that compressive […]

Steeling Savings with P/M Materials

Recent advances in powder manufacturing and processing have made chromium an attractive element in P/M manufacturing. In addition to chromiumís […]

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