Monday, January 20, 2020


A New Standard Under Development: Specifying Powder Metallurgy Gears

In the early nineties, I was working at a transmission manufacturing facility in Indiana that made lawn and garden transmissions. […]

Failure Analysis of H13 Gear Blank Forging Dies

Forging is defined as the process of working hot metal into a desired shape by impact or pressure1. The hot […]

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Gear Molding – Where It’s Heading

Plastic gears are growing larger, more precise, more complex in geometry and more powerful. High performance resins and long-fiber compounds […]

Ductile Iron for Open Gearing – A Current Perspective

Gears made for applications in the mining and cement industries cover a wide range in terms of size and transmitted […]

Cost Reduction Using Powder Metal for Pump and Metering Gears

Powder Metal (PM) gears are used in pumps across a wide spectrum of industries. These include lube pumps for power […]

From Many, One

In June 2013, a $1B industrial equipment manufacturer was on a cost savings mission for an assembled worm gear that […]

Powder Metal Gears, Part IX

In Part IV, Macro Design was discussed and a corrugated web was presented. The idea of the corrugated web came […]

Casting, Forming, and Forging

There are many methods for manufacturing gears, including: Metal removal processes (hobbing, shaping, milling, shaving, grinding, honing, and lapping) Various […]

Comparative Corrosion Characteristics of Ground and Superfinished Gear Steels

The described effort was undertaken to assess the impact of the isotropic superfinishing (ISF®) process on the corrosion resistance of […]

Induction Heating: A Guide to the Process and Its Benefits

Induction hardening is being increasingly used within the gear industry. However, before looking at the advantages of the method, it […]

A New Material for High-Speed Hobbing

Without them, our world would not move. Watches, cars, boats, wind turbines—they are all driven by gears. For more than […]

Cryogenics Comes of Age

Manufacturing innovations that impart better performance, cost savings, and longer component life are typically expensive, require new equipment, and new […]

Processing New Gear Steels

Carburized steel gears are widely used for power transmission in rotorcraft, transportation vehicles, agricultural and off-road equipment, industrial rotating equipment, […]

Designing Powder Metal Gears

Powder metal (PM) gears are a cost efficient alternative for machined gears in larger series. Synchronizer gears, oil pump gears, […]

A Solution for Gear Bore Accuracy

Did you hear about the amazing new technology that enables gear makers to achieve bore accuracies measured in ten-millionths and […]

Powder Metal Gear Conversion

There are many different processes performed in the “powder metal” arena. They range from conventional compacting with sponge iron (low-density, […]

Improvements in Precision Turning

The outcome of performance, and of achieving the results you require when turning precision features on parts, depends on getting […]

Heat Treat Processes for Gears

Heat treatment is a critical and complex element in the manufacturing of gears that greatly impacts how each will perform […]

New Opportunities with Open Die Forging

True, the unsteady recovery and realigning markets mean business is more difficult for the entire gear industry. Order volumes are […]

Gas Carburizing vs. Contour Induction Hardening in Bevel Gears

This paper examines the impact on distortion of two processes using traditional gear measurement techniques. It will discuss design considerations […]

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