Monday, January 20, 2020


Adopting Vision Systems: Technology Geared Toward Cost Savings and Boosting Quality

First-tier gear manufacturers are now embracing machine vision technology to streamline production lines, which, of course, ultimately leads to significant […]

Non-Contact Gear Defect Detection Is Now Possible

In 2012, Slone Gear International Inc. and Mound Laser Inc. began experimenting with combining laser technology with gear manufacturing and […]

State of the Art in Microstructure and Metallurgy Modeling

Anticipating the microstructure evolution during the manufacturing process has long been a major concern for specific industries such as aerospace. […]

Analysis of Tooth Interior Fatigue Fracture Using Boundary Conditions from an Efficient and Accurate LTCA

This paper demonstrates a modification to the analysis of Tooth Interior Fatigue Fracture, as implemented in SMT’s MASTA software, in […]

Large Measuring Centers Ready for Large Tasks

In manufacturing, precise measurements are the cornerstone for complying with tight tolerances and ensuring the efficiency of the entire operation. […]

Optimizing Innovation in Driveline Design Processes

In the driveline industry, innovation can only be achieved when the use of new or novel technologies or methods are […]

Layout of the Gear Micro Geometry

The last phase in sizing a gear pair is to specify the flank line and profile modifications, also known as […]

An Approach to Find Optimal Topological Modification to Duplicate Tooth Flank Form of the Existing Gear

Recently, the cutting of bevel gears on universal five-axis milling machines has been widely accepted as a promising solution to […]

Gear Resonance Analysis and Experimental Verification Using Rapid Prototyped Gears

Weight reduction is of great importance in the design of gearing for aerospace applications. Natural resonance responses of the gear […]

Contact Analysis for Planets in KISSsoft

KISSsoft’s contact analysis software is widely used because it calculates a wide variety of characteristics of interest for gears that […]

Two Case Studies in the Mining Industry with the KISSsoft Gearbox Variant Generator

When designing gears, the size, weight, and manufacturing cost can be influenced to a great extent by both strategically splitting […]

Epicyclic Load Sharing Map-Application As a Design Tool

One of the main advantages of planetary transmissions is that the input torque is split into a number of parallel […]

International Calculation Method for Micropitting

The first edition of the international calculation method for micropitting, ISO TR 15144-1:2010, was just published last December. It is […]

Controlling the Process

Gear manufacturers have always embraced the latest technologies, constantly fine-tuning their operations to eliminate glitches and optimize efficiencies. This has […]

Thin Rims for Internal Gears

In today’s applications it is increasingly important to use space and resource-saving gears. One possibility is to design the rim […]

Comparing AGMA and FEA Calculations

Current AGMA standards provide information about the calculations of loose gears and gearbox components, with recommendations primarily based on the […]

A Software Solution for Gear Noise Problems

Finnish-based tractor manufacturer Valtra’s continued drive toward innovation remains imperative for its future success. With tractor sales falling worldwide in […]

Epicyclic Gearing: A Handbook

Recent articles in Gear Solutions have discussed epicyclic gearing, but often in the context of experienced engineers. As more and […]

A Revelation in Advanced Software Technology

Bryant Grinder has always been at the forefront of grinding machine technology. Founded in Springfield, Vermont, in 1909, the company […]

New Technologies in Analytical CNC Gear Inspection

The value of analytical gear measurement grows as advances in technology allow gears to be measured in ways that help […]

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