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Helix Angle and Root Stress

The ISO and AGMA Gear Rating Committees have for several years been comparing the results of different rating methods for […]

Eliminating Gear Whine

The intrusive noise known as gear whine is caused by vibrations generated by gears as they mesh as a result […]

Bearing Solutions for High-Speed Gearbox Applications

With performance considerations driving gearbox design, pinion (high speed shaft) operating speeds have increased greatly in recent years, often exceeding […]

Troubleshooting Gear Noise

NVH engineers are used to measuring things. Any NVH—for “noise, vibration, harshness”—lab you visit will likely as not be stuffed […]

A Seal of Approval for Gearboxes

Fixedstar Power Transmission Group, the leading small sized worm gear reducer manufacturer in China, has extended the performance of a […]

Running Gear Drive Repairs

When it comes to repairing the tooth flanks of large girth gear drives, repair lubrication provides a number of advantages […]

Supplier Relationships Speed Gearbox Delivery

At Stober Drives, customer orders are filled in the fast lane. The company turns around more than 93 percent of […]

Reducing Gear Whine in Planetary Gear Transmissions

Gear whine is an annoyance for automotive consumers. For all practical purposes it cannot be eliminated, but only minimized. Gear […]

Natural Frequencies & Modal Properties of Compound Planetary Gears

This paper presents the structured vibration mode and natural frequency properties of compound planetary gears of general description, including those […]

A Solid State of Affairs

Testing for the Evaluation of the Oils Lubricants are essential in maintaining the condition of fixed or mobile assets. Any […]

Synthetic Lubricants for Real Results

For centuries lubricants have been utilized as a way to reduce friction and wear on moving parts. In 2005, approximately […]

Maximizing Gearbox Performance

Introduction Gearboxes are one of the most widely used types of industrial equipment in the world. They are used as […]

Harnessing the Horsepower Thief

Microscopic examination of the traditionally ground tooth surfaces of automotive transmission gears reveals a micro-roughness and unidirectional pattern corresponding to […]

Motion: Impossible–Without the Right Lube

In a recent survey conducted by Shell of U.S. industrial companies, 50 percent of respondents said that industrial gearboxes were […]

Gearing Up for Improved Performance

Innovative engineering design, advanced materials, and top of the line components can yield significant improvements in gearbox efficiency, reliability, and […]

Profile Relief and Noise Excitation in Helical Gears

Gear noise results from the gear mesh dynamic forces that are transmitted through the support shafts and bearings to the […]

Are Energy Answers Blowing in the Wind?

Renewable Wind Energy Production (RWEP) in Wyoming has been related to three locations in the state: Cheyenne, Arlington, and Evanston. […]

The Sense of Synthetics in Worm Gear Lubrication

Worm gears are often used as a simple and effective solution for power transmission applications. The load carrying capacity of […]

Animated CAD Solutions for Gear Mechanism Design

Two-dimensional and 3D CAD programs have continually lessened the role of the engineer in the actual process of designing gears, […]

Polyglycols for Lubricating Large Gear Drives

Introduction In modern-day gear technology, the lube oil used is an important element of the gear’s overall design. Increasingly stringent […]

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