Zoller offers presetting, measuring machine for tools of all kinds


With what Zoller calls perfected design, this premium presetting and measuring machine impresses with maximum ergonomics and strong optics. With the direct connection with external systems and central management of all tool data with TMS Tool Management Solutions, venturion has everything manufacturers need for the networked manufacturing of the future. Expect extreme longevity, thanks to the best brand-name components and careful processing.

Key features include:

  •  “cockpit” ergonomic control unit.
  •  “eQ” one-hand control handle.
  • Consistent use of brand name products.
  • ZOLLER “ace” high-precision spindle.
  • Membrane keypad for power-activated spindle clamping and spindle locking.
  • Robust and equipped for the workshop.
  • ZOLLER “pilot” image processing.
  • Brilliant and powerful cutting-edge magnification.
  • Ready for 4.0. 

MORE INFO  http://global.zoller.info/usa/venturion450