Weiler Provides Automated Deburring Educational Brochure


Weiler Corporation’s 12-page educational brochure is an informative guide to automated deburring with brushes. The implementation of wire brushes and Nylox® abrasive nylon filament brushes in automated deburring environments has become increasingly common in recent years. This guide will help you determine the best brush and system design for your specific application.

One of the most important issues in establishing a deburring operation is defining the burr size that must be handled by the deburring process. This brochure includes a burr classification system for your reference. Information is also provided on the different brush types available, such as wire or Nylox wheel, disc, cup, end and tube brushes. The advantages of each brush type are featured, along with examples of various applications where the brushes can be successfully employed.

Once burrs have been defined and the ideal product geometry has been selected, deburring process variables need to be established. Operating parameter guidelines are included in the brochure and are intended to be a “starting point” from which further analysis should be performed.

Contact Weiler’s application engineers at (888) 299-2777 for information and help with a specific application. For your free copy of the “Automated Deburring With Brushes” brochure call (888) 600-5857 or go to [www.weilercorp.com].