Waukesha Industrial Supply Now Applied Tooling Technologies


Applied Tooling Technologies, formerly Waukesha Industrial Supply, has changed its name to better reflect the innovative changes taking place within the company and the metal working industry. The company touts a new vision, highly trained expert staff, and inventory management systems that enhance production tooling and operations for manufacturers and metal processing companies in multiple markets.

“Our vision is to be the best tooling technology operating partner for manufacturers helping them optimize productivity, performance and savings,” says Pete Delany, vice president of sales. “Our expert staff has the knowledge and application experience related to the most innovative products, technology, productivity enhancing production tooling and operational responsibility.”

Applied Tooling Technologies is one of 16 “Premier Distributors” for AutoCrib™, the leader in industrial vending innovation and automated inventory control in the U.S. “AutoCrib Premier Distributors have demonstrated the ability to provide the highest level of system consulting, field support and automatic inventory replenishment services, through a commitment to continuing education and dedicated personnel,” according to Steve Pixley, AutoCrib CEO.

Applied Tooling Technologies provides complete tool management from tool crib to shop floor, resulting in increased throughput and lowered operating costs for its customers. “Our highly trained specialists help customers improve management reporting, tracking and measurement. We can take the information from the system, analyze it, present it to our customers, prioritize it, and help them make decisions on how to move forward smarter,” says Dean Meier, president. “Industrial Vending is the ultimate lean. Some of the benefits our customers have experienced include significant reductions of inventory levels, item usage, hoarding, pilferage, shop expenses, trip time, machine down-time, stock-outs, shipping, receiving and expediting costs. In addition we’ve helped eliminate obsolete parts, standardize product, identify employees’ usage, and increase our customer’s knowledge.”

Applied Tooling Technologies is a leading supplier of cutting tools, MRO supplies, and systems experts to support them. The company partners with leading manufacturers to optimize productivity, performance, and savings by providing the most innovative products in the industry at the lowest total cost of ownership. Founded in 1976, Applied Tooling Technologies has grown substantially, continually expanding its product offerings to include most of the preferred brands in the industry. To find out more call (800) 678-8960 or visit [www.appliedtooling.com].