Voith introduces new self-contained CLSP servo drive


Voith Turbo, Inc., a specialist for drive solutions, systems, and comprehensive services, launches the new self-contained Closed Loop 4Q Pump (CLSP) servo drive, a hydraulic linear axis from the Voith product family of self-contained drives. High-energy efficiency, overload protection, and virtually wear-free operation are all features of Voith self-contained servo drives. 

The CLSP drive also features automatic, load-dependent shifting of the hydraulic transmission. This significantly reduces the connected load of the drive. As a result, the motor and inverter sizes are more compact.

The CLSP servo drive can be used for all direct linear motions, particularly when dynamic response, reproducibility, and reliability are required. Plant operators can expect substantial increases in productivity thanks to the speed of the drive. The drive operates with a force of up to 500 kN and combines speed with extraordinary robustness, demonstrated by its three-year maintenance intervals or 20,000 hours of operation. The CLSP is typically used in the automation of all types of linear motion, handling, and machines with bending, cutting, and forming processes.

The CLSP consists of three main components: The servo motor, a 4Q internal gear pump, and a directly coupled hydraulic cylinder. No hydraulic power pack or oil tank is required for operating the self-contained drive. As a result, all components are integrated directly into the servo drive. The drive is also suitable for force control and position control. In addition, the sensors installed already provide the basis for complete integration into automated manufacturing systems or production facilities.

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