Upcoming Trade Fair for Deburring Technology


Which processes ensure efficient deburring with good process reliability? What new technologies are available for deburring and polishing? Which measures contribute to the reduced formation of burrs? Answers to these and many other questions are provided by DeburringEXPO. With its technical trade fair for deburring and polishing technology, fairXperts GmbH & Co. KG have created a platform where users from all industry sectors can gather comprehensive information about relevant technologies. The first DeburringEXPO will take place at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre October 13-15, 2015, in Karlsruhe, Germany. The exhibition portfolio includes equipment, systems, and tools for belt grinding, brushing, abrasive flow machining, vibratory grinding, blasting with solid and liquid media such as high pressure water jets and CO2 snow jets, abrasive water-jet blasting, magnetic-abrasive deburring, ultrasonic deburring, chemical bath deburring, electrochemical machining (ECM), electron beam machining, thermal energy machining (TEM), mechanical deburring, buffing, polish honing, electrolytic polishing, plasma polishing, laser polishing, and immersion and brush polishing, as well as measuring, test, and analysis systems.

For more information: www.deburring-expo.com