United Tool Supply debuts runout inspection fixtures


United Tool Supply announces its newest product offering, the Roll-A-Matic™, 35 years after the birth of the Unite-A-Matic™.

A natural fit for the OEM gauge manufacturer, the Roll-A-Matic fills a void in the inspection world that has been left open.

“We see customers on a regular basis, year-after-year, that all have the same looming problem,” said Curtis Criswell, director of Operations. “They have dozens, if not hundreds, of old runout inspection fixtures that are on their last leg. Having run out of options for spare parts and lengthening the life of their units, multiple companies have turned to us for a solution.”

“Bringing home the same feedback after each trip, we knew had to do something,” he said. “Our in-house design and build team has a track record of knocking each challenge we throw at them out of the park and this was no different.”

The Roll-A-Matic is a flexible PD runout inspection fixture built to accommodate the needs of the customer. United Tool’s design allows for inspection of multiple parts on the same unit with minimal tooling changeover, if any, and the ability to use existing master gears — saving its customers thousands of dollars and shortening lead times by weeks, if not months, to implement new runout fixtures.

A robust design ensures years of use on production floors. With options such as a hand-crank, a servo-driven model, data collection, and SPC, United Tool covers all the bases to be able to customize a solution with a standard product for every customer.

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