Unique Spindle Finisher from ALMCO at IMTS


Precision deburring of metal parts at speeds up to 480 pieces per hour will be demonstrated by ALMCO, Inc., at IMTS booth #6846 with a unique, automated, double-spindle finishing machine. The world’s only manufacturer of such equipment, ALMCO has designed the robot-adaptable machine, Model 2SF-48RA, to handle complex pieces with up to 16-inch diameters and deliver exceptionally close-tolerance radiuses. The 48 inch-diameter tub filled with finishing abrasive receives parts from two spindles, on opposite sides of the tub, which automatically raise the parts from the abrasive after a specified period of time. The abrasive is spun by centrifugal force into what the company refers to as a “form-fitting grinding wheel.” The unique process assures uniform deburring and finishing of all part surfaces, exactly to user specifications that often cannot be achieved by conventional mechanical finishing methods.

The 2SF-48RA is ideally suited to the deburring of complex parts such as gears, bearing cages, splined shafts, pump rotors, and jet compressor discs and blades. The machine requires minimal floor space of approximately 5 feet by 8 feet. A key component for 100-precent automation when robots are added is the unit’s programmer that interacts with parts feed/load/unload operations and time-cycle sequencing. The spindle machine also features a constant spray of liquid compound and water for continuous cleaning of parts.

A second, manually operated spindle finisher—the compact S2-30—and other finishing units and parts washer/dryers representing the company’s broad line of equipment will also be demonstrated in the ALMCO booth. Additionally, a Spraymaster front-load cabinet washer carrying the KleenTec nameplate will show the recent marriage of ALMCO and its sister company under the ALMCO KleenTec corporate name.

To learn more call (800) 521-2740 or go to [www.almcoinc.com].