Tormach servo motors now available for 1100M and 770M CNC mills

Users who upgrade to a servo motor will see time and cost savings. (Courtesy: Tormach)

Tormach Inc. is now offering servo motors for its line of 1100M and 770M CNC milling machines. Servo upgrade kits are available for current users of these machines.

The upgrade allows current users to transform the current ‘M’ series machines to ‘M+’.

Complete information on obtaining the user-installed servo motor upgrade kits, with video tutorials, can be found on Tormach’s website.

Users who upgrade to servo motors will see numerous benefits, including:

  • Faster speeds – more than double feed rates.
  • Higher acceleration – allows machine to get up to speed much quicker.
  • Reduced noise.
  • Closing of the feedback loop into the control system.
  • Time and money savings on every part made.

Tormach has released a video, available on YouTube, that shows examples of the time savings that can be achieved using the servo motors over the conventional stepper motors:

“For the vast majority of machinists using our 1100M and 770M mills, upgrading to the servo motors is an easy decision,” said Lori Morrison Bufalo, marketing director at Tormach. “We’ve made it easy and affordable for users to perform this upgrade and start getting even better performance out of their Tormach mills.”

The cost to upgrade to the servo motor package is $1,995.00. Additional recommended items including an automatic oiler kit are available for an additional fee.

Later this year, Tormach plans to offer a BT30 spindle upgrade package to users as well. This upgrade will allow users to take their ‘M+’ mills to the ‘MX’ level, meaning they will have the servo motors along with BT30 spindles, encoders, and power drawbars.