Stresstech offers automated systems for gears


Stresstech’s GearScan 500 and RoboScan for gears allows for fast detection of common manufacturing problems such as grinding re-temper burn, heat treatment, and stress-related defects.

Features include:

  • Easy to control the quality of helical and spur gears with the Barkhausen noise.
  • All surfaces including root area can be measured.
  • Technical specifications:
  • Automated part rotation.
  • Programmable measurement positioning (EasyGear software).
  • Possibility to measure flank and face surfaces of the gears.
  • Manual sensor changing — two sensors can be connected at the same time and changed with quick coupling without tools.
  • Max part*: 

Diameter: 450 mm

Length: 600 mm

Weight: 50 kg.

  • With safety doors or light curtain.
  • An ergonomic movable arm for computer monitor and keyboard.
  • Production line/part loader integrations as an option.
  • *Actual dimensions may vary.