Slater Tools to present total broaching solutions at IMT


Slater Tools will unveil its comprehensive line-up of CNC broaching tools, toolholders, and gages for complete machining and quality control over the full spectrum of shape making at IMTS at booth 432139, September 10-15.

In total, the company’s Rotary Broach Tools and Toolholders, Punch Broach Tools and Toolholders, and Go/ No-Go Gages represent one of the most  comprehensive product offerings of its kind.

Slater Tools will display its rotary and punch broach tooling and inspection gages for total CNC broaching solutions at IMTS booth 432139, September 10-15.

Rotary broaching is a highly-productive method for making hex, square, serration, spline, and many other specific shapes in a variety of materials on CNC machines. Slater’s Rotary Broach Tools are designed and manufactured to precision tolerances in a full range of internal and external shapes and diameters as both standards and specials – where the company can turn around custom orders in as little as one day. Multiple series of external and internal Rotary Broaching Toolholders are offered, including adjustment-free versions, providing the needed connection between machine and tool that makes this operation so fast, economical and accurate.

Punch broaching offers excellent performance in applications where rotary broaching may not be suitable. Such instances include tough materials, greater depth of operation and/or tooth height, chip evacuation challenges and operations that require orientation. It is also beneficial for applications requiring no witness (pre-drill) marks, with excessive material removal, or where timing the form to a feature on the part is required. Keyways, hexagons, Torx-style sixlobes, serrations, splines, and squares are all machined by using partial form broach tools and indexing either the tool or the workpiece, which in turn greatly reduces cutting pressure. Indexable punch broach holders facilitate the process and provide high-repeatability on CNC lathes, milling machines, and presses.

“We have continued to add solutions for customers requiring products and support over such a broad range of (shape making) applications,” said Kris Renner, Slater Tools director of operations. “There has been a continuous stream of new and custom products, including tools and holders, and now the full range of inspection gages to meet all of their needs.”

To ensure print tolerance compliance and eliminate process variations – such as form size, twist, and tool wear – in popular shape making, Slater offers its line of standard and custom Go / No-Go gage sets for customer-specific applications. These gages are held to extremely tight tolerances, within .0002 inches (.005 mm), produced from oil-hardened M2 high-speed steel and can be custom made to any shape or size to fit customer needs. All plug and ring gages are offered for numerous shapes, either as full form composite, sector or progressive forms. Slater Tools also offers long form gage certification upon request for those applications and industries that require it.

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