SKF Certified Electric Motor Rebuilders


SKF® certified rebuilders have been uniquely equipped to provide electric motor repair services supported by highly specialized training, technology, and engineering support. Their expertise in delivering quality SKF certified motor rebuilds can help prevent recurring motor failures, extend motor service life, and reduce continual repair costs and downtime.

Eligible shops undergo in–depth and ongoing training in skills and techniques targeting the critical aspects of motor servicing. Certified rebuilders then must meet specified requirements governing service, procedures, quality control, acceptance testing, cleanliness, tooling, bearings and components, and workplace conditions, among others. Compliance audits and re–certification are conducted regularly by SKF at every shop location.

Certified rebuilders further gain access to SKF’s worldwide engineering expertise and technology; field support to assist in failure analysis and on-site inspections; and a dedicated hotline for problem-solving. All these resources ultimately contribute to reliable and high–quality electric motor rebuilds performed properly and raising the bar in repair service and expertise.
Users can tap into a growing network of SKF certified rebuilders across the country.

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