Sandvik power skiving: productive, flexible gear and spline machining


When comparing power skiving to traditional machining methods, there are several important advantages. Since power skiving makes it possible to machine the complete component in one multi-task machine or machining center in one single set-up, the need of several specialized machines is efficiently removed and quality restrictions due to machine changes have disappeared. This significantly reduces total production time in comparison to processes with broaching, shaping, and hobbing, and it facilitates manageable and predictable component machining.

An example of the potential gains is a customer case, where a time-consuming shaping process of main gears in low-alloy steel was replaced with power skiving. The machining time was reduced with 90 percent, while tool life increased considerably. Along with that, the four dedicated machines used before were replaced by two multi-task machines.

Power skiving can be applied to both internal and external gears and splines, but is especially productive when it comes to internal machining. The method works particularly well in mass production, where short lead times are decisive. For small to medium batch production, the flexible InvoMilling™ technology is recommended. 

Sandvik Coromant offers several comprehensive solutions tailored to fit the different manufacturing needs in the industry today. CoroMill® 178 PM-HSS (powder metallurgical high speed steel) and solid carbide cutters are high-performance tools with extremely high accuracy, available for module 0.5–5 (DP 50–5). CoroMill 179 and CoroMill 180 are indexable insert cutters with railed insert seats for excellent and repeatable accuracy in modules ranging from 2.5–8 (DP 10–3).