Sampingranaggi Cylindrical Gears Are Preferred For High-Precision, Silent-Power Transmission


Cylindrical gears by Sampingranaggi have become the preferred solution when it comes to high–precision and silent-power transmission.

The company’s experience in the grinding process has grown with the continued investment in profile and generating grinding machines. Today it applies extremely fast work cycles on optimized machinery, resulting in competitive products without compromising on accuracy. Even specialized applications, such as internal cylindrical gearings, can be satisfied at the highest quality standards.

In order to manufacture the most efficient ground cylindrical gears, the company uses the best machinery available on the market that offers:

  • Outstanding reliability as regards the quality of the final product.
  • Prompt reaction in matching logistic needs that may be fluctuating or even occasional.
  • Grinding cycles are planned by process engineers who are used to dealing with the most varied and complex applications.
  • Checks on geometry and tooth topography are carried out according to statistical criteria; control plans are customized to the product and are monitored for their effectiveness.
  • Specially designed portable testing benches to check mating conditions, backlash, and noise are incorporated in the working area when necessary.
  • The W.i.P. level of the product along the manufacturing cycle is monitored in real time and can be reliably re-planned thanks to efficient computerized systems.
  • The advanced professional stage that machine operators have attained allows them to be versatile and create a level of flexibility in production ever unmatched in such a delicate and critical process.

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