Romax Technology offers workshop on electrified powertrains


Gain a hands-on experience of a novel analysis design solution that helps motor and/or gear design engineers determine the efficiency and durability of integrated electrified powertrain systems more quickly.

The successful design of integrated electric powertrains is built on three fundamental requirements:

  • Holistic understanding of interactions within the powertrain system.
  • Tools that allow engineering decisions to be made quickly throughout the development process — especially early on.
  • Mutual understanding between transmission and electric machine engineers.

This Romax Technology workshop is aimed at electric vehicle powertrain engineers, transmission designers, and electric machine specialists who want to deliver better quality products more efficiently.

Through hands-on experience of a novel CAE-led design solution for electric powertrains, attendees will gain understanding of:

  • System-wide issues of noise and vibration, durability, and efficiency caused by interactions between transmission and electric machine.
  • The importance of a system-wide approach to design that incorporates these interactions.
  • The tools available that can lead the design from the start (where engineering and design decisions have the most impact) right through to fully detailed design verification.

What: Designing Electric Powertrains for Durability and High Efficiency

Date: March 7, 2018

Location: 2025 Gateway Place Suite 390 San Jose, California 95110