Röhm signs new Michigan industrial sales representative


To further serve its customers in Michigan, Röhm Products of America Inc. has announced its new partnership with industrial manufacturer representative Motor City Industrial Marketing. The company will act as Röhm’s full-service sales partner throughout Michigan.

Röhm Sales Manager Steve Onik extended his congratulations to the company’s new partners. “I welcome Motor City Industrial Marketing’s David Houchins and his group to the Röhm Products of America team and look forward to a long-term partnership.”

A full-service manufacturers’ representative, Motor City Industrial Marketing offers a range of products through select local distribution. The company supports clients of all sizes, from job shops to major manufacturers, and sells products suited for all forms of metal cutting, from turning and milling to grinding and fabrication. Motor City Industrial Marketing’s specialty lies in custom and standard applications and tooling solutions, including state-of-the-art metal cutting, abrasive, and workholding products.

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