Richard Piselli Launches New Gear Business, Piselli Enterprises


Piselli Enterprises based in Statesville, North Carolina, has recently been launched to serve the gear industry for high-quality new and used gears and associated manufacturing machine equipment. Founder Richard Piselli plans to utilize his 25 years of expertise and knowledge in supplying machines and helping customers quickly assess their needs and find solutions.

“We want to be the one you call when you have a project for a gear, spline, or gearbox that you need manufactured,” said Piselli. “Our contacts are extensive in the gear industry, and we truly know what many companies’ capabilities are and can easily put companies together with good symbiotic relationships.”

As the founder of several manufacturing companies, Piselli has been in the business of selling used machinery and becoming one of the largest dealers worldwide. He purchased the G&E gear manufacturing company in 2005 and produced the new gear gashing machines, which utilized the new form milling cutter technology. He’s also experienced in importing and distributing several lines of new high-quality gear machinery.

Piselli has served two terms in the AGMA Foundation, while keeping up with industry technology changes as well as owning and running several production companies, including Abundant Manufacturing, which manufacturers gears for the automotive, off-highway, and agricultural industries and has produced a 5-speed manual transmission for the muscle car enthusiast.

“I’ve started Piselli Enterprises because I enjoy the gear business and have made many friends in this industry,” said Piselli. “After I sold my previous machine company, I decided to continue with a family business approach in mind. I want to handle each deal personally, and every phone call received from a customer will be an opportunity to be handled directly by my knowledge and experience.”

Piselli Enterprises has the ability to offer many machines right off the production floor, eliminating the worry of the buyer in not seeing the machine running or the opportunity to run a part and test it. This is due to Piselli’s ownership of many machines at Piselli Enterprises as well as Abundant Manufacturing. The company also plans to grow its auctioneering business.

Piselli Enterprises shares a facility with several other of Piselli’s manufacturing companies — located 40 minutes form the Charlotte airport.

Primarily, Piselli Enterprises will serve the gear industry, however the company has began assisting manufacturing companies with turnkey solutions for their gearing and gearbox needs.

“I am looking for a strategic partner to grow this business to the next level,” said Piselli. “The sharing of equipment and quick turnaround capacity is an asset for any group. If you are looking to add quality, capacity, and expand, give us a call.”

Piselli will continue his role as president of Abundant Manufacturing with responsibilities in sales and future opportunities.

For more information, contact Piselli at (704) 609-0766 or, and visit and