Protect People and Equipment with Horton Wire Form Products


Whether you need to protect valuable employees from potential machinery-related hazards or costly equipment from damage caused by debris, a Horton wire form product will accomplish the task, providing a shield without obstructing airflow. Horton engineering support services work with you to design quality cost-effective enclosures or guards that meet current industry guidelines for industrial and vehicle applications.

"Horton has been a global leader in industrial and vehicle components for more than 50 years," says Jeff Lindgren, vice president sales and marketing. "When businesses choose Horton for their wire form product needs, they also get our superior engineering and design services, proven product reliability, and an unparalleled reputation for customer service."

Horton designs and manufactures custom fan guards up to 96 inches in diameter, finger guards, motor mounts, belt guards, exterior mats, and enclosures, as well as standard flat mat/basket guards, half guards, quarter guards, and wire forms. Flat mat, basket, or round guards are available in smaller one-piece sizes and half or quarter sections for larger diameter fans. Horton wire form products conform to SAE standards.

Horton manufacturing capabilities include wire straightening, CNC wire forming and welding, concentric and spiral ring configuration, resistance welding, MIG welding, punching and stamping, and press brake forming. Products are available in coatings and finishes including black e-coat, PVC, bright zinc chromate, yellow zinc chromate, chrome plate, powder coat, and nickel plate.

With more than 50 years of industry experience, commitment to service, reliability, and innovation, Horton is a premium worldwide provider of fan drives, fans, and wire form products. Horton’s comprehensive research and development processes are driven by a dedication to exceed the industry requirements today and in the future. The company has manufacturing plants in the United States and Germany, with a licensed manufacturing facility in Australia, and sales offices in the United States, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, and Australia. Horton products include DriveMasterÆ Spring-Engaged Fan Drives, VMasterÆ Viscous Fan Drives, WindMasterÆ Fans, HT/S AdvantageÅ Air-Engaged Fan Drives, EC450Æ Electromagnetic Fan Drives, MagForceÅ Electromagnetic Fan Drives, Klondike SeriesÆ replacement fan clutches for the K22RA, and repair kits for Kysor’s K22RA and K22FA, repair kits, remanufactured fan drives and Wire Form Products.

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