PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Zagar Workholding Group Features Rotary and Indexing Tables


Zagar Workholding Group adds a complete line of rotary and indexing tables to its product offering. Sold under the Zagar brand, the tables are available in various diameters and with right hand or back-mounted AC or DC motors. Standard table diameters range from 4.72 to 12.6 inches (120 mm – 320 mm). Special large size tables are available up to 117 inches.

All tables feature auto home positioning and pneumatic brake systems, precision bronze/nickel worm wheel and case hardened steel worm gear to insure long term indexing accuracy, dual pitch worm shaft that allows easy backlash adjustment, one piece faceplate and spindle design for maximum rigidity, gear ratios of 90:1 for high speed feed rate, and it is available as a back mount motor design to accommodate minimum mounting space in small drilling and tapping CNC machining centers.

Zagar tables are compatible with various models of servo motors and can be integrated with most 4th and 5th axis CNC controls. Zagar can also provide an American-made indexing controller that function with any CNC or manual machine tool. The controller uses industry standard G-code programming and can be actuated via an RS-232 control signal.

The rotary and indexing tables are part of the Zagar Workholding Group, which also includes precision vises, fixtures and collets & collet chucks. For more information, visit