PRODUCT SHOWCASE: United Tool Supply Releases Gear Inspection Model 2020


United Tool Supply, manufacturer of industry-leading Unite-A-Matic™ precision gauges, recently released a new Model 2020, which complements its existing product line with the ability to check internal splines within a range of 20 mm to 75 mm. This product meets a longtime need for the gear manufacturing industry.

“We have had multiple customers mention to us their need to confidently check small internal splines,” said President Jeff Young. “We have been building our Unite-A-Matic line of gauges for over 30 years and have never tackled this segment. Having a standard gauge for larger internal applications, this seemed like a natural fit for us.”

The Unite-A-Matic Model 2020 allows gear manufacturers to check dimension between pins, major diameter, and minor diameter for internal applications within a range of 20 mm to 75 mm. The Unite-A-Matic has a robust design to promote years of use in a plant or gauge lab environment alike and requires minimal operator training.