PRODUCT SHOWCASE: United Tool Supply Company Continues to Deliver Quality with the Unite-A-Matic Gauge


The Unite-A-Matic™ dimension over ball/pin gauge was created to serve the diverse needs of the gear manufacturing industry. Since its creation, several advancements of the machine have been released and United Tool Supply Company continues to innovate today.

The Unite-A-Matic checks dimension over ball (DOB), dimension over pin (DOP), and major/minor diameter of spur, helical gears, and splines. The various models of the Unite-A-Matic can be used externally or internally to check the outside diameter (OD) or the inside diameter (ID) of a gear respectively.

Original Unite-A-Matic models featured a spring activated gauge-head that could be influenced by the operator’s hand. After noticing this problem, recent models were designed with an advanced soft-touch feature that reduces operator influence. With sights set on advancing the precision gauge industry once more, United Tool Supply is progressing toward the development of a fully automated model to remove operator influence from the equation entirely.

“The biggest thing for us in terms of what we do for our customers is providing quality, reliability, and our robust design,” said Jeff Young, president of United Tool Supply. “The ultimate vision of the Unite-A-Matic moving forward is a fully automated machine with interchangeable tooling capable of measuring multiple gears with a single machine. Meanwhile, we will continue to deliver on our promise to provide a reliable and accurate machine robust enough to withstand the everyday shop floor.”

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