PRODUCT SHOWCASE: R&P METROLOGYs Portable Inspection systems solves problems


The PM 750/1250 is a flexible measuring solution for large components on production machines or on the shop floor. Fully CNC controlled, this three axis measuring column is capable of gear inspection, form and profile measurements as well as 3-D/prismatic measurements. The system accuracy is in accordance with VDI/VDE 2612/13, Group I / II.

The PM 750/1250 Portable Inspection System from R&P Metrology GmbH solves difficult measuring problems for customers. A leading manufacturer in thermal power and environmental technologies in Japan has ordered a special PM 1250EX (EX = extended version) to be used to measure large double helical gears. The parts will be held horizontally in the production machine, and the PM system will measure profile, helix and pitch. The PM system will provide fast and accurate analytical gear measurements, replacing manual and time-consuming methods.

In Germany, a manufacturer of high precision slewing bearings will utilize their PM 750 with a docking station from R&P Metrology. The docking station, with its integrated precision rotary table, enables the PM system to become a fully generative, four axis (+1 positioning) inspection system. The customer will now be able to utilize the PM 750 in the measuring lab when docked, and on the shop floor as a portable system.

Han Rauth, president of R&P Metrology,  said, “The PM 750/1250 is unique in the metrology market. With the ability to accurately measure gears for pitch, profile and helix on nearly any machine, along with form and profile measurements, the PM series of machines provides unprecedented utilization, value and flexibility.”

One PM unit provides independent inspection on many machines in the plant, and is easily transported from one operation to the next. For utmost flexibility, the available “docking station” with a base plate and rotary table allows the PM 750/1250 to become a stand-alone, fully featured four axis machine, capable of gear inspection and 3-D measurements, as well as profile and form measurements.

R&P Metrology designs and builds special and custom metrology equipment, concentrating on medium and large parallel axis gears, bevel gears, tools, shafts, bearing rings and 3-D parts. Extended capacity requirements for large applications and customizing are the specialties of R&P Metrology.  R&P also offers hybrid and highly precise universal systems that uniquely combine gear measurement with conventional CMM metrology as well as customized solutions for vertical and horizontal shaft (crankshaft/camshaft) applications.   

All R&P machines utilize proven CNC control and analysis software and granite guideways with air bearing slides, a benchmark for the industry. State-of-the-art linear motors drive technologies are employed for accuracy and long life.

Support, service, and sales for North America is provided by Kapp Technologies in Boulder,  Colorado.

For more information about R&P Metrology and the PM 750/1250, contact Dwight Smith, the sales manager at KAPP Technologies, at (734) 516-1365. Also, visit them online