PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Romax Launches Next Generation Gearbox and Driveline Conceptual Design and Optimization Package


Romax Technology has launched a revolutionary new concept design software package that will dramatically increase speed, quality, creativity, and innovation when designing gearboxes and drivelines.

Called ‘Concept’, the new product delivers on the Romax vision of streamlining the end-to-end planning to manufacture process with open, easy to use software solutions.

The result is a highly intuitive drag-and-drop design environment enabling rapid creation of concept models. It provides semi-automated sizing, definition, and rating of gears, shafts, and bearings, with advanced 3D visualization capability allowing evaluation and manipulation of key parameters. As a result, it promotes creativity as new design ideas can be evaluated rapidly.

‘Concept’ also utilizes Romax’s analytical capabilities to enable initial NVH assessments, as well as preliminary mechanical design assessments of alternative concepts.

It is applicable for any gear, shaft, and bearing system application, from power tools to mining equipment and from complex automotive planetary automatic transmissions to the largest wind turbine gearboxes.

The new software not only enables creativity, effectiveness, and efficiency, it also promotes a seamless workflow either as a stand-alone solution or used in conjunction with other CAD packages.

Its innovative easy-to-learn interface allows new users to become productive extremely quickly, which means anyone from graduate designers to experienced gearbox and driveline design teams can use it. For more information, go to