PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Rohm to Feature Powerful Workholding Technologies at CMTS 2017


Rohm Products of America will make its case as a one-stop clamping and gripping supplier with exhibits of its top workholding innovations at CMTS 2017 in Hall 2, booth 2200. Those innovations will include the Captis clamping system, the DURO-NCSE power chuck, the RZM 5-axis centric vise and the KZFS gear chuck. All of these products fulfill industry demands for increased efficiency and shorter setup times, ergonomics, weight reduction and convenience.

For manufacturers in search of new ways to maximize production, the modular Captis workpiece clamping system provides a wide range of workholding options for turning, milling and drilling applications, and features a forward-thinking quick-change capability that permits conversion from external to internal clamping in less than a minute. The system produces strong clamping forces without deformation of delicate workpieces, while offering high repeatability and minimal runout. Captis is compatible with the industry standard BZI collet interface.

At the show, Rohm will also highlight its DURO-NCSE power chuck with quick-acting jaw-change system. The specially designed jaws unlock individually for easy handling/changeover and fast setup. The DURO-NCSE accommodates large, workpiece-specific customized jaws, and operators can offset, exchange, or turn the jaws with minimal effort. The chuck is available in a variety of sizes and with several jaw options to tailor-fit many applications. Special large jaw pads make part handling particularly easy for big parts.

Another show special at Rohm’s booth will be the RZM centric vise that provides exceptional workholding rigidity and contributes significantly to higher accuracy 5-axis machining. The vise’s design features clamping jaws positioned relatively high and a horizontal spindle situated at the top of the vise and closer to the jaws for unmatched stability. The double jaw-guidance system moves jaws smoothly along their axes to accommodate a wide range of part sizes without having to remount the jaws.

For visitors interested in external clamping chucks for gear surface grinding, Rohm’s KZF-S collet chuck is especially well-suited for clamping gears/workpieces that have an external plane, or gear teeth geometries accessible from the outside. Additionally, the chuck allows face and ID diameters to be turned or ground concentric to outer gear pitch diameters. Compact in design, the KZF-S chuck provides high clamping forces, optimal workpiece stability, and maximum axial accuracy achieved via axial draw-in of the workpiece against a rigid work stop.

Application specialists will be on hand to show how Rohm’s workholding and automation technology can help increase productivity through lights-out and just-in-time manufacturing.