PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Reishauer RZ 60 for Planetary Pinions


The RZ 60 on display at IMTS 2012 in booth N- 7018 has been optimized for machining planetary pinions for the automotive industry.

When grinding planetary gears, the cycle times are very short due to the small size of the work pieces and large batch volumes. The large batches are primarily a result of using three to five identical planetary pinions for every automatic transmission produced. In contrast, each component occurs only once in manual or double-clutch transmission. For the machine tool, this means that high priority has been given to the reduction of the cycle times, while compromises if required can be made for change-over times.

Due to numerous, innovative measures, the primary machining times for grinding planetary pinions on the RZ 60 has been drastically reduced in comparison with previous applications. The robust machine structure, adopted from the much larger RZ 260, allows for the use of aggressive grinding parameters without negative effects on work piece quality. Overall, these new advancements permit grinding times that can be as short as seven seconds for some gears.

With such short grinding times, the reduction of the unproductive or secondary times has become increasingly important. The RZ 60 incorporates the familiar two-spindle concept that was successfully introduced on the RZ 150 in 2003. This enables grinding of a workpiece on one spindle while the workpiece on the second spindle is changed and synchronized with the threads of the grinding wheel.

Felsomat, another member of the Reishauer Group, has developed an automation system that is matched to the specific requirements of the RZ. In combination with the Felsomat Flex Stacking Cell FSC 600, the machine can exploit high productivity and operate autonomously without operator intervention over a period of several hours. The complete system can be integrated in the Reishauer & Felsomat FlexLine.

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