PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Preco Announces New Laser System


Preco Inc. recently announced the Lightning Bolt 2000 laser system for processing of highly accurate micro features on metallic, ceramic, and polymer materials. The system is customizable to accommodate a wide range of IR, Green, and UV wave lengths and nanosecond, picosecond, and femtosecond lasers and can be configured for specific process requirements. Typical processes include ablation, via drilling, surface texturing, and cutting. Common markets are the electronics, medical, energy storage, and industrial.

The Preco Lighting Bolt 2000 system utilizes a PC controller based on the Windows® operating system. The system has full graphical CAD interface with the ability to import common file types such as AutoCAD® DWG and DXF format. Processing files can also be generated inside Preco’s AcuBeam™ software. The system utilizes galvo motion for high-speed, high-accurate laser processing. Typical galvo processing area for micro machining is 50 x 50 mm. The galvo is fixed on a Z-axis above a precision XY table. All of these components are mounted on a highly stabile granite base. The processing area can easily be tiled together to allow processing over the full range of the 150 x 150 mm XY motion. Other options include a wide range of XY stages, galvo processing areas, rotary stages, vision registration, inspection, and robotics.    

“This type of laser platform is a solid Preco Inc. manufacturing technology, with a wide range of capabilities from the lab to the production floor, all incorporating the best of today’s highly efficient, cold processing lasers,” said David Plourde, EVP of Preco Inc.