PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Precision Toolholding Solutions from REGO-FIX


REGO-FIX’s swissQuick toolholding system provides a wide range of flexible models in various types (ER 8 – ER 25) and clamping ranges (0.5 mm – 13 mm). The swissQuick system allows for faster tool changes and allows pre-setting of tool assemblies offline to maximize production time. swissQuick products are made from high tensile strength case-hardened steel to reduce wear and increase component life. REGO-FIX designs all of its components to work together interchangeably, resulting in the flexibility to create solutions that provide the best precision, balancing, and tool life across a broad spectrum of applications. With U.S. headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, REGO-FIX is a world leader in the manufacture of Swiss precision tooling. For more information call (800) REGO-FIX or visit the company’s Web site at [].