PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Nord Introduces Single-Stage Gear Unit


Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) from a wide range of industries need to address a variety of customer needs — from safely processing food, to heavy-duty pumping of wastewater, to high-performance conveying in distribution centers, and more. Nord Drivesystems is helping OEMs better manage this variety with the introduction of Nordbloc®.1 single-stage gear units, which offer a high-performance and cost-effective gearbox option for pumping, mixing, and conveying applications.

The new gear unit is the first single-stage gearbox in the Nordbloc.1 product line, and it offers a good feature package to fit each industry's needs. With high-capacity bearings, it's easier for OEMs to optimize system design for applications requiring high torque and speed demands with high radial and thrust load forces. Nordbloc.1 single-stage is ideal for use in high-speed conveying including material and baggage handling, parcel and post, warehouse systems and distribution centers, as well as in industrial mixing and pumping processes and fluid handling processes. It has a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy housing with an optional proprietary NSD TupH surface conversion that is a cost-effective alternative to stainless-steel for use in the food and beverage industry and corrosive environments.

"Our customers were asking for a high-performance, low-cost gear option that addressed demanding applications in conveying, pumping, and mixing," said Jim Alt, product manager of mechanical products at Nord. "Our Nordbloc.1 single-stage gear unit is a superior premium efficiency gearbox with standard features that would otherwise be costly upgrades from other suppliers. This means our customers have a competitive advantage when it comes to fast lead times and same-day shipments, eliminating costly and inconvenient downtime."

Fast facts for specification

  • Power range: 0.16 – 10 HP
  • Output speed: 125 – 1636 RPM
  • Torque range: 69 – 2,505 lb-in
  • Ratio range: 1.07:1 – 13.10:1
  • Housing options: Foot-Flange, B14 Flange, B5 Flange

Similar to the other gearboxes in the Nordbloc.1 product line, the single-stage gear unit is lightweight and easy to maintain, providing users a high return on investment. The Nordbloc.1 single-stage gear unit weighs up to 40 percent less than similar cast-iron gear units, easing handling during installation and replacement. This reduces the number of man hours required and eliminates the need for special cranes, hoists, or jigging fixtures, simplifying and speeding up the installation process.

Users can also expect minimal maintenance and repairs with the single-stage gear unit. It requires less lubricant in the gear housing and uses Nord's proprietary Quadrilip™ sealing technology to keep contaminants out and oil locked in. In addition, the die-cast aluminum alloy housing can be furnished without protective finishes or paint, minimizing specialized cleaning maintenance while offering natural corrosion resistance.

The new single-stage gear unit is an extension of the Nordbloc.1 line, which includes five sizes ranging from two and three stage in-line speed reducers . NORD DRIVESYSTEMS' products also match standard NEMA C-face motor mounting dimensions.