PRODUCT SHOWCASE: New Real-Time Monitoring System for Metrology Environments


Hexagon Metrology recently unveiled MMS PULSE, a monitoring system that offers real-time insights into external and environmental factors impacting upon metrology environments.

Designed to ensure data integrity while also improving safety and security in modern shop-floor inspection conditions, MMS Pulse uses a network of sensors to record variations in temperature, vibration and humidity in the vicinity of a coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Also offering equipment status alerts and crash notifications, it creates a central hub of information to support the metrology data gathered by the machine. The sensor package can be customized to specific requirements and the information reconciled with anomalies in output data to make compensations as necessary, giving MMS Pulse the potential to improve productivity.

In the coming months, MMS Pulse will add compatibility with various data management systems and offer the scalability to gather data from multiple machines around the factory. All the information collected is displayed directly on an easy-to-understand dashboard accessible locally or remotely via PCs, smartphones or tablet devices, supporting the fast pace of lean manufacturing environments. The MMS Pulse interface is visually reminiscent of current consumer electronics technology, offering intuitive and user-friendly controls. Users can also set up environmental thresholds that, when breached, alert the operator via instant messaging services.

“MMS Pulse really taps into the Internet of Things concept, creating a network of physical objects which communicate and interact via real-time connectivity,” said Milan Kocic, business development manager at Hexagon Metrology. “The information it provides effectively gives our metrology hardware and software the ability to learn from their surroundings and informs future decisions. This can help optimize processes and remediate issues quicker. That’s where we really drive productivity.”

Initially available for the Hexagon Metrology 4.5.4 SF and 7.10.7 SF CMMs, MMS Pulse will be available in the U.S. from August 2015, with worldwide rollout to commence later in the year.

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