PRODUCT SHOWCASE: MyTec’s New Line of Arbors and Chucks Provide Solutions for Incurred High Forces


MyTec Hydraclamp expansion tools are the optimal connecting link between workpiece and machine. Mytec has recently introduced its new line of mechanical arbors and chucks with accuracy down to .0004” plus high expansion rates up to .010” or greater in a stainless steel construction. Mechanical arbors and chucks are excellent for workholding where high forces are incurred or for auto load applications where high clearance is required.

Using special hydraulic expansion elements, a clamping system has been developed that far surpasses all traditional clamping in precision, clamping force, and transferred torque. State-of-the-art technology, precise construction, and special materials are the basis for extraordinary performance for lathing, hobbing, grinding, testing, and measuring.

A closed expansion system, which is impervious to dirt and chips, combined with high-wear resistance guarantees a long service life. If space permits, hydra-expansion elements from Mytec-Hydraclamp are generally equipped with an adjustment piston. This makes it possible to set expansion for fine clamping, particularly in the case of thin-walled workpieces so that deformation can be avoided. Tools have a hardness of 56 HRC with a center hardness of 64 HRC.  An optional highly wear-resistant coating may be applied which will result in a surface hardness of 80 HRC.  

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