PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Modern Gearbox Calculation with KISSsys


KISSsys is KISSsoft‘s system add-on that enables the user to model complete gear units and drive trains. It is used in a variety of areas, such as the automotive industry, wind power, agricultural engineering, electrical tool, industrial gearbox manufacturing, and many more. KISSsys simplifies gear calculations, calculating several machine elements such as toothing, shafts, and bearings. Users can directly represent alternating load cases and avoid the need to carry out time-consuming and error-prone individual calculations. 

To calculate the different machine elements, KISSsys uses KISSsoft in the background by transferring the operating data from the kinematics calculation to the relevant KISSsoft calculation and then displays the results in the KISSsys overview or gathers them in logs. During this process, the system can automatically create detailed documentation for the particular project.

Another strength of KISSsys is the integrated programming language, which enables users to define their own tasks and calculations. To do so they can either use predefined templates or write their own functions. For example, in-house calculations can be integrated in KISSsys/KISSsoft, providing the user with a comprehensive package of calculations to use.

GPK is a package for sizing and rating complete gearboxes, based on KISSsys. It provides the user with 17 basic models of gearboxes as templates.

It provides a wide range of functions for, for example, sizing gears, shafts, and bearings. These are based on the operating data. Optimizations can be determined directly, using the price calculation functions or checks on collisions between the elements or with the housing.

GPK contains the KISSsys system add-on without the option to change the kinematics and programming. Consequently, the GPK models are restricted to the contained kinematics. The user can use the gearbox variant calculation function for sizing over different stage numbers.

Gearbox Variant Generator
The gearbox variant generator adds an efficient method for automatically creating numerous variants of gearboxes to KISSsys.

Usually the maximum external size is predefined, and at the same time it must be ensured that the manufacturing costs are kept to a minimum. In addition, the designer must take into account weight, total power loss and other relevant factors. The designer can use the gearbox variant generator to perform rapid, yet detailed investigations of the parameters for a complete drive train so that they can compare different variants of a concept.

Hob multiple gearings on workpiece with single setup with Bourn & Koch 100 H Horizontal Hobbing Machine.

The Bourn & Koch 100 H horizontal hobbing machine can hob splines and geared shafts up to 100 mm in diameter. Mount tools in combinations (shown above) to cut different gearings on one workpiece or to mill keyways and slots in one tool setup without reclamping. Since the chip conveyor is located directly under the tool spindle, chips are evacuated immediately from the machine to avoid any thermal distortions. In addition, the 100 H can be ordered with automation for machining larger lots.

Star SU plans to exhibit an extended version of the 100 H with a NUM Flexium control at IMTS 2012 in Chicago, Illinois in September in booth N-6924. This extended version can accommodate a workpiece up to 916 mm (36”) long and 126 mm (5”) in diameter. Request a budget quote or plan to see it at IMTS by filling out our form.

Standard Equipment:
• Base machine with 6 axis CNC via NUM Flexium 68 CNC Controller
• Bed designed with anti-friction hardened & ground ways
• Full machine enclosureSteel way covers for Z axis and tail center
• Pneumatic live center, position adjustable
• CNC programmable hob swivel setting
• Manual grease lubrication to all bearing surfaces
• Electrical panel to NMTBA and ANSI-NFPA 79 Codes
• Wet (Coolant tank/pump assembly for wet cutting) or dry cutting
• B axis – Hob Spindle Motor
• C axis – Work Spindle Servo Motor
• X axis – Radial Feed Servo Motor
• Y axis – Tangential or Hob Shift Servo Motor
• Z axis – Axial Feed Servo Motor
• A axis – Hob Swivel Servo Motor
• Automatic single or double cut cycles
• Speed and feed change between cuts
• Crown hobbing cycle
• Taper hobbing cycle
• Radial or tangential feed worm gear cycles
• Wired for 460 volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz
• Machine painted Swiss White, standard polane color
• One set of operator and parts manuals
• Manufactured in USA

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